Civil rights group ColorOfChange has a bone to pick with Bravo over its African-American centered programs in the wake of Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, which saw castmember Kenya Moore attacked by Porsha Williams.

“After weeks of promoting the RHOA reunion altercation, on Sunday executive producer Andy Cohen finally condemned the violent behavior of cast members — completely ignoring the staged hostile environment that provoked the altercation and the troubling pattern of violent, stereotypical portrayals of Black people across many of Bravo’s Black reality franchises,” reads the statement, obtained exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’ve been in contact with NBCUniversal last week verbally and shared concerns in writing — specifically about this Real Housewives of Atlanta confrontation that was coming up,” Arisha Hatch, campaign director at ColorOfChange, tells THR.

The group would like to see Bravo enact policies similar to what VH1 has in place for Basketball Wives. In 2012, the network and producers enacted a no excessive physical confrontations policy for the series’ LA and Miami franchises.

Hatch says ColorOfChange is not calling for the cancellation of Real Housewives of Atlanta as the show — violence aside — does contain positive images of African-American women and families.

Read the full statement from ColorOfChange below.

From the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion to the second season of Married to Medicine, the physical violence displayed during Bravo’s Sunday primetime lineup was deeply alarming. After weeks of promoting the RHOA reunion altercation, on Sunday executive producer Andy Cohen finally condemned the violent behavior of cast members — completely ignoring the staged hostile environment that provoked the altercation and the troubling pattern of violent, stereotypical portrayals of Black people across many of Bravo’s Black reality franchises.

Research shows that dehumanizing portrayals of Black people on television lead to real-world consequences for Black folks — influencing how we are treated by doctors, judges, teachers and lawmakers. No matter how entertaining, this should be the last fight between Black women that Bravo profits from.

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40 thoughts on “Uh-Oh: Civil Rights Group Targets Bravo Over ‘RHOA’ Fight

  1. Civil rights group ColorOfChange, you really need to center your attentions in other areas of importance, this is not one of them. Yes, you want to ride on the coat tails of this story, and pretend as if you really give a damn. These are grown women, who of course were acting like children, but who has not, at some time or another. Neither here or there, these women were not forced into this show, nor at gun point. They participated at free will, and because of that, your govern of how they have chose to behave, is not the responsibility of the organizers of the show, but with the cast members themselves. Moreover, this was a big rating booster, and everyone tends to make money from this, there are no losers.

  2. ESOTERIC on said:


    • Anonymous on said:

      Your comment is a PERFECT example of why educated and successful blacks date outside of their race. Too bad we don’t have too many Kenya Moore’s, Lupitas, and Michelle Obamas in this country…all we have are loud, ignorant, ghetto, overweight, insecure, weaved up beasts…

  3. Bravo likes to make money, they love to make Money off of the Drama and violence of all people of color, they do not care if somebody gets injured or killed, and eventually someone is going to get hurt RHOA NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE THE AIR AND SO DOES BASKETBALL WIVES ALL THE HOUSEWIVES NEED TO CANCELLED ORANGE COUNTY AND NEW JERSEY ,, THEY HAVE RUN LONG ENOUGH,,, LETS SHUT IT DOWN,, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! BRAVO!!!!

  4. Taytay12345 on said:

    Its not a portrayal, this is how black people really act. The violence in the black hoods prove it. Any city on the most violent or deadliest list is a city with a large black population. This is why I hope Porsha does get some sort of punishment because the same blacks are looking to see what they can get away with. The ones hating on you will engage you in a verbal altercation like they do now and then attack because that is what the wanted to do anyway and now have a “I was provoked” reasoning to get away with it. Bullying leads to violence that can lead to retaliation violence and death and this cycle goes on the black community. Slave or abused or poor, you still know what you are doing is wrong.

  5. Please focus on the ‘Voting Rights Act, being destroyed” if these grown people want to act like idiots let them. VH1 apparently didn’t impose policies on hiring criminals on Mob Wives who fight scenes rival any well know boxing match, and LA Basketball Wives cast mates just had a brawl, and one eye was so injured it was ridiculous and still look damaged…(but I am not watching) LOL, anyway all of VH1 shows are still violent….apparently somebody need to revisit their policies…

  6. I DO NOT need any civil rights group to tell me what I can or can’t watch on t.v. I have the power of my remote and when I get tired of watching then I’ll use it. How about fighting for a proper investigation into Kendrick Johnson’s death because from what I have read there is a huge cover up going on. How about fighting to fix this so-called injustice system, how soon have they have forgotten Trayvon Martin, or Jordan Davis. How about fighting because some of these politicians are trying to make it hard for some people to vote, how about fighting for EQUAL education for our children. My point is there are way MORE IMPORTANT things for them to be fighting for, but I what I CHOOSE to watch on t.v. isn’t one of them!!! It seems that these days civil rights groups are selective in what they are fighting for and the majority of the time, their fights are helping minoriites at all. How is taking off RHOA going to help some at the voting booths in November, how is taking this show off the air going to help some of our youngs boys from being killed because someone in their mind deemed them a threat. Fight for something that will make a difference. A t.v. show is ENTERTAINMENT and it’s something that people CHOOSE to watch and I thought civil rights groups were all about fighting for the right for people to have freedoms. It is my right and I am free to watch whatever I want, please stop trying to take that away from me.

  7. Kevin on said:

    This is silly women acting silly for money. No need for civil groups to get involved to make it more than what it is. These women show the world that just because you’re beautiful and on tv doesn’t mean you have the sense of a roach. It’s for entertainment purposes, so glad I can just turn to another station or hell just watch it shake my head in awe.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Nene beautiful? Nicca you need to be slapped. Wookies azz byotch looks like Charles Barkley, except he has more real hair than her.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

  8. Oh Please Black women behaving unbecoming, young black girls watch these shows is this what Black women have become, lowlifes calling each other foul names and saying foul things. Its to much.

  9. J Russell on said:

    Still, it shows that “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”. These grown women, some with children display their ignorance for money and supposedly fame. What a shame. If they want to be positive role models especially for the Black race look at people like Felicia Rashaad and others who will not stoop or display this kind of behavior. I’M JUST SAYING!!!!!

  10. Not understanding why basketball wives LA is called that, only one of them girls is from L.A and none of their husbands play for LA so I’m just not getting it and really hate the way they represent LA, if you want to go around beating ea other up fine, but stop using our city as a back drop! them people aint from LA.

  11. Have you seen Basketball Wives lately? Is that what you call cutting back on the violence? Shauna Neal should be ashamed of herself for putting her name on this type of ratchet and violent programming!

    She is not the woman I thought she was.

  12. Black Betty on said:

    There is no real substance behind this show—-nothing about that show that could be called entertaining. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck you’re up.

  13. Linda on said:

    The NAACP should have bigger fish to fry besides this ghetto mess!–

    Our voting rights are slowing being eroded, affirmative action as well–

    From what I have seen of this show it was just a matter of time before a fight broke out–so no one should be surprised.

    Yes, it is a shame that African American women are not portrayed in a positive manner on tv, however, these women are just what they are-

    All of them were only looking for a paycheck–not to show themselves in a positive light!!!!

    • Tammy on said:

      The NAACP IS NOT the one going after the show. The show is a hot mess but many peoole like it and in HOllywood, DIRT SELLS. And the PUBIC is the cause. Blame YOURSELVES. THis stuff would not be on tv if the PUBLIC did not support it.

    • nebones on said:

      After viewing the blogs, I can say one thing about liberals, they are superficial and not 4 equal rights 4 all. The show is deemed trivial; therefore, the rights of the participants though trampled, are inconsequential because they are greater rights to achieve. That’s mean. I’m still trying figure out how that conclusion was reached. Smh.

    • nebones on said:

      I hope you are equally concern and as boisterous regarding young black men walking the streets looking like pickinnies with pant to the knees.

  14. IanRousseault on said:

    I agree with them, go get them! I say CANCEL this farce! I’ve said it before this is modern day Black Face Buffoonery and Coonery!!!! Please get these Uneducated ANIMALS who are posing as WOMEN, off of the TV screen. No young female of color should EVER have to see female portrayed this way! Bravo, Andy Cohen and the ENTIRE cast of RHOA should be brought up on charges for this crime against humanity!!!! These people are DISGUSTING and if I ever saw any of them I would SPIT IN THEIR FACES, Proudly as a Man of color!!!!!

  15. PLEASE! on said:

    It’s funny how when white shows have fights or drama it’s not a problem. But when African American’s do it, it’s the worst thing in the world. What about the other Real Housewives shows? They fight and worse than RHOA. Where was the uproar for that? Also there was no full out brawl or blood, Porsha just pulled her hair. I feel like this is being blown way out of proportion for hair pulling. Really? If you dont want to see it, then dont watch it. Whats the difference between Bravo, VH1, and MTV… Vh1= constant fights, MTV Real World=White Folks fight all the time. No one ever says anything about them. Chill out,Find something else to do, Worry about you, and Don’t watch it, Point blank Period.

    • It’s the slaves causing the uproar. They have an inability to evolve and are trying to drag everyone back to slave days. These folks depend on fake outrage (knowing they don’t give a damn about black women) for the attention they crave. These shows are pure entertainment, much like a soap opera, and its like every other form of entertainment..consumer beware (or awarare)– pick and choose what is to your taste.. BUT the slaves can’t handle choices. Slaves must be coddled and told that they are good all of the time. The enemy to the slave is a free mind and free will and choices.

    • Tammy on said:

      I agree (I still do not like Atlanta housewives). But it is like Welfare, whites are on welfare more than blacks YET society want to make it look like blacks are more on welfare. It is sad we all get judged based on the behavior or a few blacks.

  16. Hay!! whats the beef? we’ve gone on Jerry Springer for years and shown our Azz’s ..yes I do long for the days of QUALITY programing Goodtimes,the jeffersons,sanford and son,cosby,a different world,ect

  17. Paris on said:

    Trash TV. The only reality show I watch is the Little Couple. Tia a Tamara wasn’t bad either. The other ones are just a new vesion of the Jerry Springer hour.

  18. Ivan Cohen on said:

    If this is what passes for “entertainment” then we as a society have gone backwards. Having had a taste of this genre via the program which had the Jacksons after the untimely demise of Michael, I can truly say, thanks but no thanks.

    • msyellarose on said:

      No kidding, the worst was that ridiculous mess that was Latoya’s show on OWN. Just the commerials for that made me lose what little respect I had left for Oprah.

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