Famed film director Spike Lee has expressed his desire to see the Trayvon Martin story told on the big screen.

During an interview with theGrio, Lee commended  27-year-old new director Ryan Coogler for bringing his acclaimed independent film, Fruitvale Station the real life story of Oscar Grant, an unarmed man who was shot and killed by San Francisco transit police, to the big screen. He expressed his admiration for the film while stating that the film business isn’t built in favor of young directors like Coogler to succeed.

“Love it…. It’s great,” Lee said of Fruitvale Station. “But it’s something that I have been doing for 15 year [sic]. I teach film. That is my job to help young filmmakers to become professionals in this tough business, so I’m happy for him…I’m happy for any young filmmaker that gets their first feature film made, because Lord knows the odds are against you. This business is not set up for young people to succeed.”

Similar to Grant’s story, Lee touched on the need for having a story like Martin’s turned into  a film.

“I’m not saying that I’m going to do it, but I hope that there is something,” the Malcom X director said. “The first thing I think is there should be a documentary [about Trayvon Martin] before they do a narrative of it. I’m not saying that I’m doing either, I’m just saying that I would like to see it.”

“This thing is not over yet,” he continued. ” So I don’t even know if it would be the right time to start, because it’s not over yet. Hopefully there will be some more time in court.”

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8 thoughts on “Spike Lee Wants To See Trayvon Martin Story Told On Film

  1. I’d rather see the ‘true story’ made into film and directed by Spike Lee – about Tulsa Ok aka Black Wall Street.

  2. What is it to say about a two bit thug like Trayvon who’s only claim to fame is to get himself shot. Would Spike Lee be making a movie about Trayvon if a dark skin man had shot him, of course he wouldn’t.

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