You would think most Americans would be eager to attend a speech when the keynote speaker is Michelle Obama, one of the most popular First Ladies in U.S. history. But not in Topeka, Kansas some parents and students would prefer if Mrs. Obama stayed home instead of speaking at a local high school graduation ceremony.

Days after the First Lady was ridiculously criticized by The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for using real eggs in this year’s White House Egg Roll, the good folks in Topeka are angry because Obama’s address to a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools means fewer seats for family and friends in the 8,000-seat arena.

In fact, some parents are actually asking school officials to disinvite Obama from the ceremony in May. Who disinvites the First Lady of the United States from a high school graduation when her insights could potentially inspire graduating high school students? This is the height of disrespect. I wonder if these parents would have the same reaction if the First Lady was Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush.

“I’m a single mother who has raised [my son] for 18 years by myself,” Tina Hernandez, the parent of a Topeka High School senior, told the Associated Press.

“I’ve told him education is the only way out. This is one of the biggest days of their lives. They’ve taken the glory and shine from the children and put it on Mrs. Obama. She doesn’t know our kids.”

According to the Associated Press, Hernandez was among the parents and students who spoke last week at a school board meeting and urged district officials to reconsider their decision to invite the First Lady because there won’t be enough seats for family and friends. And there’s more: The First Lady’s speech coincides with the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools.

Some parents in Topeka are up in arms, claiming Obama’s message is too high-profile and will eclipse the graduation ceremony. Really? What a shallow, unsophisticated reaction to what will be a rare opportunity for Topeka high school students to hear directly from the First Lady, a lawyer, about a landmark legal case on race and education that originated in Topeka.

The Brown v. Board of Education of 1954 which unanimously held that the racial segregation of children in public schools violated the 14th Amendment and helped to propel the Civil Rights Movement, was one of the greatest Supreme Court decisions of the 20th century, I would think parents and students would be excited to hear the First Lady’s thoughtful perspective on a case that altered the course of our nation. They should be rallying around the First Lady’s appearance, not trying to shut her down.

“People think it’s a great opportunity, but it’s the graduates’ time. They are getting that diploma that they worked so hard for,” Taylor Gifford, 18, who started an online petition to urge the district to reconsider its plans, told the Associated Press. “Families are feeling that they are being cheated out of the loved ones special day.”

It’s inconceivable that some parents and students simply refuse to embrace the First Lady and her message.

“No disrespect for the first lady, and it’s amazing that she wants to come speak, I just think it doesn’t belong at graduation,” Abbey Rubottom, a Topeka High School senior, told the Associated Press.

Rubottom is wrong. Trying to disinvite the First Lady is indeed disrespectful. It’s also a disgrace. What do you think?

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90 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Really?! Kansas High School Protests Michelle Obama Speech

  1. Mike met on said:

    On America, we still have freedoms to disagree. Many of us in the Midwest are not liberal and are not democrat. That being said, after reading the transcript, I was taken by her hang-up about being African American and possible personal issues with racism. Most “isms” are prejudices that we need to address to ensure (all) people are not discriminated against.

    The speech seemed very basic from an intellectual standpoint. Perhaps she has a stereotype of Midwesterners as dull with little brain power to comprehend a more appropriate message. Our nation continues to be sucked further into isms: gender, sexual orientation, faith, political party, weight, etc… Racism is one of many.

    I would have appreciated her speaking to a broader subject about acceptance of all Americans. The racism theme appears to be self-serving. When MSNBC can make racist jokes about Mitt Romney and their African American grand child, then the sincerity on the left to be concerned about racism seems to be a fighting point rather than a message of unification.

    I’m a man of color, but not African American. Michelle Obama does not speak to me or my group at all. I do not need her to, but to truly unify a country, as promises by the President, you need to go outside your comfort zone and get to know the rest of us.

  2. cremil on said:

    no disrespect to but i want my family to be at my graduation not the first lady this is a celebration of the accomplishments of the students not the first lady. And frankly if the students don’t want her there then why is she there its not the parents day or the first Lady’s day.

  3. Chris Williamson on said:

    I wonder how many people complaining can name who spoke at their HS graduation? This could have been an amazing honor for any student but now it has been mired in foolishness. Mrs. Obama should ask the nation, “What school/city/area would like for me to come and speak at your graduation?” Once hundreds and thousands of schools state their claim, she should go to one where she is wanted.

    • Willie on said:

      CW, DIVERSITY Without DIVISION: It’s GOD-GIVEN to be able to live DIVERSITY. CW, people are allowed by GOD to have their own GOD-GIVEN point-of-view as you have your own GOD-GIVEN point-of-view.

  4. Joe valdez on said:

    Obama can’t even influence his broken down educational system in Chicago .
    Michelle Obama is better of going to Chicago , Detroit , Washington DC that is where she should address the rundown Democrat run educational system . Kansas has one of the top educational system in America there is no need for the Obama administration to destroy it to Chicago standards .

  5. Joe valdez on said:

    The late Thurgood Marchall supported by Republican Chief Justice Warren appointed by Republican President Dwight Do Eisenhower were responsible for desegregating America’s schools .
    Democrat do not deserve any credit period. In fact they should be ashamed for opposing integration . Recall Democrat governors George Wallace (D ALA) , FAUBUS (D Arkansa ) ; Maddox (DGeorgia) ;Alabama Democrat Police Sup. Bull Connors who ordered the brutal beatings of Black Peace Marchers. How about the man who founded the KKK David Bedford Forrest Democrat Confederate General?
    You stupid Black Americans don’t know your history.

    • Tyrone on said:

      JV, that mind-set which you emphasize ABANDONED the Democratic Party when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Democratic Prohibition of Blacks to be Unionized with whites. From that Supreme Court Ruling, that mind-set of Democrats, which you emphasize, JOINED the REPUBLICAN Party & to this day, that SAME mind-set dictates the Republican Party and/or Conservatives. As such, you are not up-to-speed.

  6. IMHO: There are some legitimate concerns as it pertains to a graduation. We the people must know that everyone is not on board with the Michelle Obama and speaking at a high school graduation hummm. Look at all the hype it is getting now So the Seniors have already lost some of enjoyment and fun because some not all can’t enjoy because they are worried whether she will speak or not.. It kind of takes away that special moment from the graduation. Some say Michelle will not take away from the Seniors, too late, her simply being there will over shadow the graduation. I think she should respectfully decline.

  7. jayhowell on said:

    I cant believe the news im reading, about the first lady getting her rights denied by a petition that will encourage the youth for achieving their highest gratitude. This is ridiculous!! All I have to say Brown vs Board of education.

  8. Hassan on said:

    GRADUATION PICTURES ARE PRICLESS: I will not have the chance to take that picture of my son receiving his diploma; my son whom I had to persuade to stay in school…I voted for President Obama & have supported his various causes, however, I do not want to be denied to hear my son’s name called & to witness him walking on stage & to witness my son receiving his diploma is a once in a life-time I should not be denied.

  9. The USA has hit rock bottom in their race to practice race-ism all day every day! Mrs. Obama can certainly come to any graduation or any other event which me and mine attend. She went to a Nashville graduation last year and it was the highlight of the year for them!

  10. Carlton J. Green on said:

    Let’s be clear the complaints being raised in this town is not about the kids big day or any of the other so called justifications it’s strictly about this being MRS. OBAMA; at least have the courage to admit your TRUE reasons for not wanting her there. COWARDS!!

    • That’s what happens when peoples children are involved. I don’t know for sure, but it may be a problem if it were just a case of her speaking. But there being a chance that the graduates won’t be participating in their own graduation and the parents not having an opportunity to see their child at graduation is asking a little much. No disrespect to Ms. Obama. I think even the First Lady, seeing as she has children would understand that. I still find it hard that she agreed to such a program.

      • I said it. on said:

        I still can’t believe that y’all haven’t gotten over her having her fit, educated, wealthy, beautiful black self in the White House day and night. You guys keep me laughing.

  11. Traboe on said:

    If they don’t want her their loss. I don’t see this about race; just another example of how younger generations are unable to look outside themselves and their situations in order to see a big picture. Many of them probably do not even know what Brown v. Board of education is. Highschool graduation a big day? Yeah if that’s as far as you plan to go in your pursuit of education.

    • If you have your sights set on going on to become the next president, it’s still a big day for graduates. It’s not about not planning on going any further in their careers. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning of their journey. Now, people say it’s a privilege to have the President’s wife speak at the graduation. But actually the privilege is as a parent, seeing your child, that by the grace of God, was able to accomplish something that so many others, for a myriad of reasons was not able to do. Yes, she is an important person, but our children are just as important. As a matter of fact, more. If what she has to say is that crucial, I’m sure she’ll find a way to relay her message. Perhaps at her own children’s graduation.

      • And btw Traboe, don’t assume that just because these young people want the same opportunity that Ms. Obama had when she graduated, and I’ sure her children will have when they graduate, that they don’t know what Brown v Board Of Education is. They most likely know better than you.

      • Traboe on said:

        Kay…give me a break…In the grand scheme of things high school graduations generally pale in comparison to milestones in one’s life. Tying it in to something with greater historical value would only make it more memorable.

      • tewdee Q on said:

        kay, it sounds like you would prefer David Duke or who ever that grand dragon is over the presence of a self made high profile black female when it has been such an obvious tradition that some high profile speaker, the best one can afford speaks at any graduation. Get over yourself. Your child’s graduation is not about you but your own child, the one that is graduating.

      • Actually, tewdee, out of all the high-profile females or males on the planet, I don’t know one of any color that I would make me want to not see my child receive his or her diploma. And I honestly think you would have a hard time finding any young person who does not want to be the star on stage that day, with their parents in the audience. You are absolute correct. This day is about the children. As it should be. All about them. Hell, every first lady in history could have been at my graduation at the same time, but I would not have traded the look on my parent’s faces for all the star quality in the world. I don’t see why people find that so hard to understand. I do. And it’s been quite a while since my graduation.

  12. Get over yourselves Kansas H.S. and embrace change for once in a positive manner, and yes if you think this is not racist in anyway shape or form your just apart of the problem

    • Get over themselves? I don’t know that I would be willing to forgo my walk across to stage to receive my diploma just because the President’s wife is the speaker. I would love to see what would happen if her children were being denied that right because someone “important” was speaking at their graduation. I understand the big whoop about having the first lady speak at a graduation. And I even said in an earlier post that I would jump through hoops to have her in a school in my city. But not seeing my child graduate is not a hoop I’d be willing to jump through. My children are just as entitled to this rite of passage as hers are. Now, if the future, if whoever is the president is slated to speak at her children’s graduation, and she agrees to her children forgoing this special stage of growing up, I’ll eat my words.

      • I said it. on said:

        Girl, stand by your product. You haven’t even verified if that’s true, or not. You speak as if Mrs. Obama set this up, made the arrangements, and invited herself. Double-minded people are something else. You can’t trust them.

      • And you don’t know that’s it’s not. As I stated before, I find it hard to believe that Ms. Obama would endorse such a program. I’m only going by what I read on this thread. Just like you.

      • newme on said:

        Uh, Kay…who said anything about the kids not being able to walk across the stage to get their high school diploma? She’s speaking at the commencement, not setting up camp. By the way, it’s great to see kids graduating high school, but dang, exactly how many people do you need to invite? We’re talking about a friggin’ 8000 seat venue. The entire student body is around 2000 total, and out of that how many are graduating seniors? Will each of them be inviting 100-200 people per graduate? I find it awful coincidental that this falls around the 60th anniversary of Roe vs Wade (which also involved Topeka) that there would be such an uproar over the FLOTUS delivering a commencement speech to what, maybe 200-300 students. Are they afraid she’s going to bring this up?

      • newme on said:

        A couple years ago I read where someone claimed the world was about to end on a certain date. The guy who made this prediction has since died. My point? Don’t believe everything you read. P.S. I meant Brown Vs the Board of Education, not Roe vs Wade, but I have my opinions on that one too!

  13. Babyboomer on said:

    One last thing. Kansas City Kansas is my hometown. I am so glad it wasn’t the high schools in my hometown who behaved so disrespectfully towards the FLOTUS.

  14. Babyboomer on said:

    Six relatives and friends is about the norm at most graduation ceremonies, so not sure what the fuss is all about with regard to that. As for Mrs. Obama being the guest speaker, what an honor. I agree with those who have said that most of the time no one even remembers who spoke at their graduation. At least this would be something to tell you children some day. I think it’s foolish to protest her coming and I’ll bet it’s more the parents then the kids doing the complaining… Bad move…

    • tewdeeq on said:

      At my High School graduation there was only enough room for two family memeber and or friends, thus just only my parents were there. People of these times or generation are (also) very spoiled.

  15. americanize. on said:

    If they don,t want u their first lady don,t go.They will be knowed as the high school that dis the first lady.But us smart people know the real reason. What is wrong with joe valdez?

  16. William McDiffett on said:

    Anyone who thinks this is about race is ignorant. I attend Highland Park High School, one of the SEVEN high schools that is being crammed into one graduation ceremony. I do not want to have a generalized graduation. I want it to be a special day. Did any of you know they are not even going to let us walk the stage with our diplomas because she will be there? Each student is only allowed to invite SIX people from their families. Topeka is not full of racist white people as many of you claim, my high school, as well as Topeka High School are nearly 50% black and are in the middle of the worst neighbourhoods in the city. Nobody wants her to come and speak. Quit blaming this on racism and pulling all sorts of other reasons into this, we simply do not want her to speak because we want all of our families and friends to be able to come. I don’t want to be crammed into a stadium with 8,000 other people, and I don’t want to sit through a long speech by someone who does nothing for me. I have worked hard for my graduation. I have 29 credits and have made a 4.0 for three straight semesters, and I want this to be for us. Not for Brown v. Board, and not for Mrs. Obama. This is our day.

      • D Pat on said:

        There’s the problem these kids dont understand. If not for Brown vs. Board then these 50% black kids would not be getting the education they are getting. And William I graduated from Highland Park over 30 years ago and we understood the importance. The history has been lost.

      • But no child should be deprived of the walk across the stage. I’m sure Ms. Obama wasn’t. These children deserve to do the same. As my mother drilled into me for as long as I can remember. “You may not be better than anyone else, but no one is better than you”. She may be married to the POTUS, but that shouldn’t trump letting these graduates “walk across the stage” to receive their diplomas. As I said. She got hers, now it’s time to let them shine. Btw, I’m still having a hard time believing that Ms. Obama would agree to this type of ceremony.

      • Btw pat, why assume that William does not understand the history? Just because he wants the same privilege afforded you 30 years ago?

    • I said it. on said:

      Interesting that you say that it’s not about racism and that the school is in the middle of the worst part of the city. There’s an implication behind that…

      You also said “Not for Brown v. Board, and not for Mrs. Obama.”
      My only reply is, “Wow!”.

      For everyone else, you may want to try what I do. When I see Joe Valdez’ name, I scroll past his comments without reading them, delete them without reading them, etc. He isn’t worth the time, or effort it takes to read and /or reply.

    • newme on said:

      How many TOTAL graduates are there? Is an 8,000 seat venue not enough to hold the invited guests of each graduate? If anyone should be mindful of seating, it should be the FAMILIES not the FLOTUS. SHE WAS INVITED to speak. I doubt very seriously that all 8,000 seats will be filled with family and friends.

    • joe Valdez on said:

      Ignorant Racist Comment by You.
      By the way several African Americans signed the petition. And Please don’t refer to them as Uncle Toms , They are all maried with Black women , they all work hard to help stabilize the Black community , unlike The Obama’s who have done nothing for Black except for talking . Have you seen the CNN documentary called ” Chicago Land” ? Blacks have to be coaxed with MC Donald food coupons to attend schools/ Balck on Black Murder out of control including this Easter weekend where 75 Blacks were shot by Fellow Blacks, 7 were killed ? How about Detroit being Bankrupted by Blacks . Obama better take care of his own city Chicago , Kansas have the 3rd highest rated schools in America, whereas Chicago Black high scholl grads are reading at a grade 6 level

      • tewdeeq on said:

        After seeing what you have written about the black community, those Blacks who have signed the petition will be embarrassed that they did.

  17. This article leaves out a LOT of information… She is not speaking at ONE high school; several schools will have to combine their ceremonies. As a result, the graduates’ names will not be read, and diplomas will not be presented. I wholeheartedly agree that it is an amazing honor to have the First Lady address the graduates, but her address is actually REPLACING graduation.

    • I said it. on said:

      If that’s so, it sounds as if this would happen regardless of the speaker chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the historical event.

    • Did not know that is the situation. If this is true, I would have to side with the students and parents. But still, I have a hard time imagining Ms. Obama agreeing to such an arrangement.

    • Ok Anon it seem to me that even if she don’t speak a keynote will still be assigned to speak and the names will still not be read, and diplomas will still not be presented. To many people fall for the propaganda because they refuse to use their own judgement. One guy (Joe Valdez) said “what have FLOTUS done for blacks as if he cares. Simply being an agent can cause disruption and misinformation among many. So Anon I say to you, don’t listen to the BS other are saying because the importance of that day alone is of great significance and to have a person of that notable worth speak at ones graduation can leave and impression for a lifetime.

      • D Pat on said:

        I asked if it was Bill Self the coach for Kansas Univ would the response be different. The response was what I thought it would be, yes because they can relate to him being the coach at KU. That’s crazy what can he talk about and bring to the table. My home town is disappointing me. I would give up my ticket for my kids to have that opportunity. 10 years from now they won’t know what family came.

      • D Pat on said:

        No they won’t because after the parties and having fun they won’t care who was or wasn’t there. Did you?

      • I will never forget the look on my parent’s faces that day. I know they were there. And that was all that mattered to me. Had they opted to give up their tickets because someone “more important” made it impossible for them to attend, I would have been devastated. Some things just stick with you. And my parents telling me that “you aren’t better than everyone else, but no one is better than you is one of those things. And I believe that right today. If a parent and a child does not mind not being part of the graduation ceremony, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just couldn’t be one of those parents. I’ve never been one to idolize others. If her speech is that good, I’d be more than happy to purchase a copy. But at graduation, I’d rather see my child than the president’s wife on stage. Maybe it’s just me.

      • I said it. on said:

        Lady! Stop the dramatics. I am sure parents will be allowed to attend. It’s nothing for them to do, but get their caps and gowns and prepare for graduation. No one would dare disINVITE any FLOTUS. That would be tacky.

      • I said it. on said:

        Kay sweetie, you’d best play mental games with the guppies and stay out of deep water.

      • I said it. on said:

        If the envelopes come with more than a graduation card, they’ll be fine. Kay probably will have a cow bell at her child’s graduation.

      • I said it. on said:

        If they are small and their life turns out to have very little meaning they will care. High school graduation and college graduation were fun. I don’t remember who the speakers were, or what they spoke about. I was happy to be moving on to the next milestone.

  18. Veronica on said:

    Everyone is saying that what Mrs. Obama has to say is really important and that everyone shoukd welcome her to speak. If that is the case, then perhaps she should give her speech on television fr the entire country to be able to see and hear.

  19. Grant Murry on said:

    Good ol boy Topeka Kansas.The city has not changed one bit. Mrs. Obama should try Wichita or Kansas City Kansas. I don’t think they got any votes there anyway.

    • joe Valdez on said:

      And Obama’s Chicago 75 people were shot during Easter ,8 killed by Blacks on Blacks. Black adults are reading at a grade 6 level , and performing math at agrade 4 level . Tune in to CNN Documentary “Chicago Land” what a sad sad story , African Americans are falling behind so quickly under the failed Obama “Plantation Democrats”> Detroit is another failed Black Democrat run City , Bankrupt more rats than people . Obama is bankrupting America just like Chicago ,Detroit,Cleveland. Topeka is a diverse tolerant city . extremely low crimw, Blacks are well educated , and can read at a grade 12 level , and do math at a grae 12 level.

  20. Kenneth Wells on said:

    They don’t want the First Lady to speak at their graduation? I know people who would kill to have her speak at their graduation. She won’t take the spotlight. She will shine it on the graduates. And those people who are so worried that their family and friends won’t get seats to the graduation–that situation happens at graduations all the time, no matter who is the commencement speaker. if you don’t want her, just say so. I’m sure her feelings won’t be too hurt.

  21. Kent brooks on said:

    Yes it’s Disrespectful and even more….ect I know there’s kids in that city who really need to here, see the impossible up close. That us as a people never really believe that we would have a Afro American President and a Beautiful highly educated Afro America first lady. I wish that she would come to East Palo Alto ca., Oakland ca ,Richmond ca. San Fransisco ca. Talk our kids Graduations. It would sooo inspiring. WOW!!!

  22. Why is everyone so mad at these people because they don’t want Michelle Obama to speak at their graduation? I would jump through hoops to have her speak at my child’s graduation, but at the same time, I realize that not everyone feels that way. And if they don’t, so what? How would you all feel if someone labeled you as disrespectful, racist and stupid just because you don’t share their opinion about someone? Geeze! She’s married to the POTUS, not the messiah. And not everyone even likes the messiah. Everyone has a right to not agree with your opinions. Perhaps now, this will free Ms. Obama to speak to a class that will actually appreciate what she can bring to the ceremony. Sure would be nice if it were my daughter’s class.

  23. High School Graduations are never memorable. Who here remembers who spoke at their high school graduation. I graduated 20 years ago and I can’t remember, but I tell you if a FLOTUS, spoke at my graduation, I’d still be talking about it. The fact that these people are actually protesting and want her disinvited is what is taking away from their ceremony. I have never heard such BS in my life. I think if it were Beyoncé, they’d be ecstatic, parents included. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to here FLOTUS speak. HS graduations are an accomplishment, but if this is the height of your milestones and accomplishments than I feel bad for this graduating class. Isn’t it better to have extraordinary moments in you life. How many more chances will they have to see a FLOTUS speak, live and in person.


  25. I grew up in Topeka and graduated from that District. Topeka is stuck in the 80’s and needs to move their thinking forward. Brown vs. Board was in Topeka and these kids dont understand the history. It’s total disrespect and a missed opportunity for history and to learn about history. This is actually a minority district. I’m ashamed of my town.

    • joe Valdez on said:

      Actually you are wrong , I spoke with Ms Brown (the little girl used in Civilright’s case) , the city of Topeka was integrated , Black schools produced well educated young people.
      Topeka was choose among thousands of cities as was Ms Brown as as a template of segreation , not because it was the worst by a long shot. Thurgood Marshall argued the case in front of a majority Republican Court led by Chief Justice Warren (an Eisenhower Republican) The Republican court ruled in favor of integrating the school fighting Democrat Judges who opposed integration . 147 US Democrat Congressmen opposed integration , it took Republicans to defeat Democrats led at that time by JFK ( He Changed his opinion later) . Grt You Fact before you Blabber

      • tewdeeq on said:

        Black people not only built good Black schools, medical schools, universities, businesses but good Black communities too, when Jim Crow would not allow us to do or go anywhere else. They burned down our communities when they wanted the money that was kept in it as a result of Jim Crow.

      • newme on said:

        No ‘Joe Valdez’ . YOU are the real bigot. Coming in here under a latino’s name in order to disguise yourself as the insecure, petty little, WHITE bigot that you are. You’re a worthless troll. Please do us all a favor and immediately go someplace and decompose yourself. You’re about as relevant as an Edsel.

  26. Black Moses73 on said:

    What about schools in the hood? I’m quite sure they would love to have her. The white folks don’t want you ,keep it moving. I guess that is not the type of press she wants. She would rather go some place where even though they don’t like you it looks good in the press.

  27. Rightout disrespect…people are rude as HELL ! What those folks want in Kansas is Freddie Cruger or Vampier diaries celebrities to show up…White folk won’t give their traditions so why do you foolish black people follow them! You love darkness too…even Mrs. 1st Lady like that Halloween crap cause y’all love it..then when HELL shows up in your face you like why that happen? Stop entertaining evil..stop calling evil good! White folk Santa Claus could kick your child off his lap then ya’ll show next year…saying we love you do it again!.What.kinda mess that?! You know Peter ain’t no Rabbit yet you encourage their fables anyway…then you get angry because they won’t let you join the reindeer games! Lol This ain’t no black & white’s about good & evil.

    • joe Valdez on said:

      Many A,erican Blacks are racist and evil they shoot and killinnnicent kids in Chicago .Just durind Easter Weekend and the week prior 145 Blacks were shot by other Blacks , 8 were killed including 3 kids under the age of 9 . Michelle Obama’s time is better spent in her own city of Chicago. You should follow the CNN Documentary “ChicagoLand”. Black adults read and write at a grade 6 level , do math at a grade 3-4 . Quit Blaming all your problems on others solve yours first

      • tewdeeq on said:

        Dear God. Another rabid prejudice troll on the BAW. Mr. Troll Valdez, what is your opinion about Columbine shootings, the Aurora theater shoot-up and Sandy Hook, I wonder?

  28. I said it. on said:

    1. Some high schools only allow two to three guest per graduate, so not being able to have a large group per family isn’t that odd.

    2. It’s not like most speakers personally know the graduating class that they speak before.

    3. Does the focus shift at college graduations when famous people are present?

  29. Mac Ben on said:

    I agree too. THIS IS ABOUT STUDENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES!! Whenever any one from the First Family makes an appearance it is a huge inconvenience. Enhanced security screenings, strictly limited parking and tons of exclusions! Stay home- do it be teleconference!!!!!

  30. Willie on said:

    I reluctantly agree with the parents….its all about the students is the sole reason parents look forward to & attend the gradation of their children should not be distracted.

    • That’s total B.S.! Not much even happens at highschool graduations anyway. These dummy parents and students are stupid for not wanting to hear what the first lady has to say. It may benefit some of the stupid graduates to hear her speak. Bunch of red necks and their offspring.

      • joe Valdez on said:

        Micheele needs to fix one of the worst cities in America her own Chicago , and next Detroit . Black are slaughtering each other like wild animals . Blacks are a bunch of racist bigots .

    • Virginia on said:

      EVERY commencement has a guest speaker–and each institution whether a elementary, high school, college, etc. WANTS to get the highest profile speaker they can get. There is Fierce competition for the top speakers, and this high school hit the Jackpot!!
      And, the very reason there is such competition for high profile speakers is to make this the most memorable day of a graduates time at that institution. Otherwise, except for getting to pick up your degree, it’s just another day.
      This thing about it being “all about the students” is NONSENSE. THOUSANDS of kids will graduate this spring. What will make it special is who they manage to get to encourage them, and give them something to remember that day for the rest of their lives.

      We all know what this is about, and it ain’t pretty.

      • Their loss is some other lucky school’s gain. I hope they disinvite her. Maybe a school in my city will snag her.

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