R&B stars are taking over primetime television, at least for a little bit. Singers Jermaine Jackson and Angie Stone will be swapping families on the hit reality show “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

The two singers signed on for the show after seeing episodes featuring artists like Sisqo, Flavor Flav, and Dee Snider.

According to ABC, “The series features two women of celebrity families trading households, lifestyles and children (but not bedrooms) for one week. During that time the women – and swap families – learn what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes, but everything changes during the second half of the week when the women make their own rules and get the chance to run the household their way. At the end of the week, the couples reunite for a raw, honest and highly charged exchange of views in which they make frank assessments of one another and discuss the experience.”

Jermaine Jackson will swap families with troubled actor Daniel Baldwin who is the younger brother of Alec Baldwin and an actor in his own right. It’s unclear who Angie Stone will be swapping families with, but she has definitely been confirmed for the show. Other celebrities on the show are Laila Ali, Robin Leach and Tichina Arnold.

Catch Jermaine Jackson’s episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap” Tuesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

4 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson To Appear On “Celebrity Wife Swap”

  1. Crissy on said:

    Jermaine needs to get over himself — after watching the show and at the end it’s stated he cut off all communication with production. Someone should tell Jermaine to get a big fat “L” tattooed on his forehead!!!

    I have lost any respect I ever had for this dude.

  2. Pamela J. Claytor on said:

    Dear Jermaine,

    Thanks for participating in Celebrity Wife Swap. It was surprising to even see a “Jackson” on such a show. Your wife is beautiful and a blessing to you and for you. She was great with the Baldwin family and showed great compassion with respect to their son, Atticus. However it was disappointing that YOU did not fully participate. It would have been a wonderful opportunity for you to show a positive side to the Jackson clan by complying with one simple rule.

    Missed opportunities:
    1. Showing another positive side to the Jackson Family
    2. Doing something for your wife…removing some clothing and making room in the home for the home
    3. Possibly doing something for charity i.e. selling some clothing for perhaps one of Michael’s favorite charities.
    4. Doing something for someone less fortunate as you have not always lived in abundance.

    My sister and I had the pleasure of meeting the Jackson 5, including you many years ago in Pittsburgh, PA when I was just a young woman of 10 yrs old. We had the pleasure of coming backstage and riding the tour bus to the Hilton Hotel and spending time with you all. It was exciting and life changing. Michael’s passing even came on my sister’s birthday, June 25. We were personally devastated.

    Nonetheless, we still love the Jackson’s and wish you all well. Do the world a favor, be a good sport and apologize to the show/audience. Change your life a little by downsizing some. Make your wife happy and give her the home space she deserves. Believe me you won’t even miss those few material things. I once felt the same way as you regarding my “stuff” until I lost it all. I learned it’s really not important and in the end you really can’t take it with you.

    Love & Peace,
    Pamela J. Claytor – Fan For Life

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