Sean “Diddy” Combs has been chosen to deliver the commencement address at his old stomping grounds, Howard University.

The HBCU in the Nation’s Capital announced Tuesday that Diddy will also be among five people to receive honorary degrees as trailblazers in their fields. The Bad Boy founder, a student at the school in the late 1980s, will receive an honorary doctorate in the humanities. The honor has sparked controversy as Combs didn’t graduate, but Howard President Wayne Frederick says Combs’ entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at the school.

The university also will honor CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, transplant surgeon Clive Callender, jazz legend Benny Golson and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

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8 thoughts on “Diddy to Deliver Howard U. Commencement Speech, Get Honorary Degree

  1. Someone with a real PhD on said:

    I’m a big Tom Joyner fan, but I can’t believe how obsessed Tom seems over Diddy receiving the honor of giving the Howard commencement address. Tom has about 20 honorary doctorates and still needs Sybil to help him read the simplest content on air. If Tom didn’t bring those big TJMS Foundation checks, he’d never be asked to give an address or receive an honorary degree.

    Diddy has built a $700 million empire, so he certainly has something of value for a student at any level to hear. Plus, people who excel to unusual heights in the arts (and other professions) are often asked to give commencement addresses (regardless of educational background). The fact that Diddy actually attended Howard briefly is just an added plus, since it gives him a connection to the university.

  2. The guy started as an intern and through sheer grit, ambition and determination he is now worth 1/2 billion dollars and now owns his own cable network. Classed dismissed. He is exactly the kind of person that young people should emulate. Take a second a pause before you start popping bottles over that $80K./yr job. Ask yourself is this something you are passionate about? Is it going to allow you to pursue your dreams? Can you defer getting that new car long enough to pay some dues at the ground floor and work your way up? Are you fearless? Are you willing to pursue your dreams with reckless abandoned? The guy wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father was a straight up hustler but he made it big. We should celebrate that brotha … In fact, Howard’s business school ought to do a case study on him. Honorary degree fully deserved.

    • The only problem with that logic, Dee is that if they do a class on how someone can become successful, rich and famous without having to spend all that time and money earning a degree, who the hell is going to spend time and money earning a degree? And for a school that is already in danger of closing within the next three years if they don’t generate some revenue, they just may be shootin’ themselves in the foot.

  3. Daniel Asamota on said:

    I’m no fan of P.Diddy but he deserves the accolades. check out Asamota’s Corner for your entertainment news.

  4. I guess they have their reasons. But at least it’s not an ex-drug dealing gang banger or a druggie, dragging a big ass clock around his neck with two nappy plaits sprouting from the sides of his head, standing at the podium extolling the virtues of being an entrepreneurial crapper.

  5. Timekeeeper on said:

    HATE: It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has never solved one problem yet. It doesnt always take a Rhodes Scholar tro get a message across to students ready to embark on the rest of their lives. Sometimes, ( and this may be one of them) where a story of entrepeneurship and growing up on the streets might be the order of the day. Diddy, like him or not has a very interesting background on which to draw from. I have heard some of his interviews and if you can get past the usual references which arent totally accurate by the way I am certain this senior class will be able to glean some interesting information out of whatever he decides to talk about. It is God who told Solomon that ‘Man looketh on the outer appearance” ut God looketh at the heart.
    Im sure those who dont like Diddy will like to reply with a negative rhetort, if that is the case by all means knock yourself out. We all have a story to tell however and I hope no one discounts your story the way you might want to discount his. diddy will obviously bring something different to the table which obviously the University is looking for. Thak God for open minds, rather than closed ones.

  6. This is an embarrassment to the university. Next they will be giving an honorary degree to Snoop Dog and DMX for being stupid.

    Dr. Banks, Ph.D.

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