drake jimmy kimmel

How would you react if a random 6 foot man who looked a lot like Drake walked up to you on the street and asked you about Drake? That’s what precisely happened to a few lucky people who happened to be passing by during a hilarious “I Witness News” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Drizzy visited the late night host to brag talk about his hosting gig at the ESPYs and partake in the experiment.

“How do you feel about rapper Drake refusing to acknowledge Caucasian athletes at the ESPYS?” he asked one man who looked like he never heard of the Young Money artist before before.” I think it’s bologna,” the man responded. One man called him a “chicken head” and another called him “childish.”

That Drake has some tough skin, but we guess that’s easy when you regularly bathe in champagne with Rihanna…

Watch the video, below:

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