Fox News Host Heather Childers found herself in quite a predicament when she referred to the UConn Men’s basketball team as the ‘NAACP’ champs instead of ‘NCAA’.

“The UConn Huskies are the 2014 NAACP national champs,” Childers said.

10 out of the 15 players from the championship team are African Americans.

While we shouldn’t be surprised at all (it is Fox News after all), you’d think an accomplished journalist would know the difference between the two vastly different organizations.

In response to a fan on Twitter, Childers had this to say:


Freudian slip or intentional? You tell us!

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(Photo Source: Fox News)

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11 thoughts on “SHE SAID WHAT?! White News Anchor Calls UConn ‘NAACP’ Champs

  1. Joe Valdez on said:

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  2. Clark on said:

    She said what she meant. We should not think any less from Fox Sports/News. Remember 85% of the team is black and she hates it just like she hates that the President is Black. She really wanted to say Chimps instead of Champs.

  3. Many white folk are fake, this is what she meant, she dont have to apolojise, this is whom she is.this economy has cause whites to come out more openly and they reall don’t like blacks, and for those blacks whom are in denial, just keep on living in america.

    • Joe Valdez on said:

      Get a life! Take a valium you fool, listen to your AfricanAmerican Rap full of profanities that belittles Blacks. What was so bad about using the name of a legitimate civil rights organization like The NAACP? what is racist about this ???? go to hell .

    • Joe Valdez on said:

      get a life you sensitive A hole. What is wrong withe NAACP word?? A great civil rights organization. Go smoke Rocks and listen to your profane African American Rap songs that demeans the Blaclk Race

  4. joe Valdez on said:

    Get A Life you moron super sensitive African Americans . You call each other Ni ggr all the time, your rap music is full of these racist words . Go to hell the rest of America is tired of your tirades

      • Joe Valdez on said:

        You are a typical illiterate massa’s illegitimate . Like most stupid African Americans you White daddy crossed the tracks gave a box of fried chicken to you fat ghetto queen welfare mother ,massa then screwed your mother without a condom , that is why you are here bitter because you don’t know your White daddy. Here is a secret your mother was gang banged by a bunch of Red Neck Clansmen , one of them was your daddy . Good luck in your search Halfbreed

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