Be careful who you enter into relationships with. You could be sleeping next to an arsonist and not even know it. A woman in  Minnesota learn that the hard way when she woke up in a hospital missing an ear and covered in second and third degree burns. Her boyfriend drenched her in nail polish, nail polish remover and hairspray as she slept and set her on fire.

According to reports, David J. Gherity, 60-year-old lawyer, left his girlfriend to die in her burning condo. A reason for the crime has yet to be revealed. Firefighters arrived to the condo responding to the smoke alarm going off. Upon searching the condo, the victim was found on a table with her flesh burning. According to some of the responding firefighters, the victim told a fireman, “[Gherity] lit the fire. The bastard tried to burn my house down.”

David Gherity tried to get police and other officials to believe he had nothing to do with the fire, but evidence said otherwise. Gherity finally showed up at the Hennepin County Medical Center smelling of smoke and covered in soot. When medical personnel asked him about his appearance, he shot down speculation that he had been at the scene of the crime in the first place. However, the condo in which the victim lives recorded the times in David Gherity came and went. Also, the victim told police during a March 7th interview that she hasn’t used hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover in months.

So much for Gherity’s claims that it wasn’t him.

One thought on “Attorney Arrested For Setting Girlfriend On Fire

  1. Honestly on said:

    Typical cave n!@@er behavior. They claim people of color are more prone to violence. That is an evil racist lie. Throw the neanderthal ape in a cage. He won’t do any time, white privilege and affluenza will be his defense.

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