04/08/14 –

Dear Tom,

I would like to nominate a phenomenal father, my 60 year old brother, Leon Brown, for the Real Father’s Real Men. Leon gave up his single life in 2008 to get immediate custody of his premature granddaughter born with cocaine in her fragile body so that she would not be sent to the state.

Leon stepped up and made sure all medical needs were met and provided a loving home for her.  Just as everything became stable, in June 2013, another grand daughter was born also with cocaine in her body (the younger sibling of the first child).

This was a big challenge for him raising two girls alone. Leon is in desperate need of dependable transportation to get the girls to doctor visits, to school and to get all the necessities to run a household.

He currently has a pick-up truck that requires constant maintenance and cannot afford the upkeep of the truck due to unemployment and being on disability. Leon is a true example of a real father, real man and is making a difference in the lives of his beautiful grand daughters who love him like a real father.

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4 thoughts on “REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Leon Brown

  1. Andrea on said:

    Congrats great uncle Leon. You have truly made a difference in Aalliyah and Katrice’s life. I am so happy for you all. Not many men take the initiative to step up and take care of their own kids let alone their grandkids. This was a very big change in your life but I have never heard you complain. I salute you and all that you do. I know that GOD will continue to bless you and those girls . Keep up the Excellent work.

  2. Sharon Watson on said:

    Congratulations Uncle Leon!!. You are a true example of a Real father Real Men and Aalliyah and Katrice are blessed to have you as a father. Be Blessed!!

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