Remember when you’d get caught dancing in the mirror or screaming watching The Jacksons get down? This video of them performing at the International Music Festival White Nights of St. Petersburg will take you back! Can you feel it?

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(Photo YouTube)

7 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Can You Feel It? The Jacksons JAM At Music Festival

  1. patricia on said:

    What a better way to remember their brother Michael ……. reunion tour “The Jacksons.” I can’t wait to see the show live. Thanks TJMS for posting this video.

  2. jshevon on said:

    I am glad to see that they got back together without Michael. I’m surprised that Jermaine agreed. Where’s Randy?

  3. Tammy on said:

    Glad the brothers are doing great. I always said the brothers had talent especially Jermaine but due to Michael being the “ULTIMATE” talent, these guys were left in the background. I miss MJ so much and a I am glad his brothers are doing well and keeping MJ’s spirit alive.

  4. Kenneth Jackson on said:

    Michael may be gone, but these 4 brothers can still put on a good show on their own! Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Tito … y’all gon’ ‘head & sing those old songs … and some new ones with that same kind of intensity and heart! I’ll always be a fan!

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