Say what now?!

Beyonce fans, Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson claim they went to the United Center in Chicago last December with general admission tickets and arrived early so they could get close to the stage.

TMZ reports:

They were at the front when the doors opened and there was a stampede.  According to the lawsuit the two women were trampled by a rushing mob and knocked to the ground … leaving them unconscious with broken  bones and other injuries.

The women say the venue did not set up proper procedure for entering the arena and now want to sue the entertainer.

The women were taken to a local hospital and never got to see the show.

So now the question remains, what do the women aim to get from the lawsuit? Why sue Beyonce? What about the venue? Do you think they’re still fans?

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

6 thoughts on “Fans Sue Beyonce For Injuries Sustained At Chicago Concert

  1. Jocelyn Davis on said:

    Bey Fans My Ass!!!! Anyone with some sort of intelligence would know that that is an issue that should be addressed to the venue as obviously then did not have the proper security; this is the same type of incident that occurred at the Ultra Festival in Miami where a SECURITY GUARD was trampled and suffered hemorrhaging to the brain. So before you go trying to sue somebody, brush up on your legal terms and rights.

  2. Damned dummies. Bouncy didn’t trample them. That being said, since they didn’t see the concert because of the failure of the venue to get proper security, they should get a refund. They probably got better entertainment at the hospital anyhow.

  3. jhuf on said:

    Dam you ladies didn’t sue when you got trampled on at the beauty supply trying to get that last batch of hair weave

  4. I hope the courts through it out, becuase the entertainer has nothing to do with the venue and was totally unaware that they even existed. I say they are nothing but gold diggers and trying to get paid off of some one elses fortunes instead of getting a real job! This is a joke!

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