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Long Beach-born rapper Warren G is calling out the Philadelphia Eagles.

The “Regulate” rapper fired back at the Eagles for accusing DeSean Jackson of gang connections. He claims the Eagles are using this as an excuse to cheat Jackson out of a lot of money. Although Jackson gave career best stats last year, the Eagles saved $10 million by cutting the football star and his $30 million contract, which had three more years.

Warren G grew up in the same Long Beach, California neighborhood as Jackson. He said Jackson’s been made to seem guilty by association.

“He was born and raised in a rough area, and everyone has friends who are troubled if you grew up where he did,” G says.

And as for the photo where Jackson appears to be throwing up a Crip gang sign, the rapper explained his view. “This is a scapegoat situation … ’cause they don’t want to give him a lot of money.”



He said Jackson should ”come to a Cali team like the Raiders where they will respect your talents.”

The Oakland Raiders have shown interest in Jackson, according to ESPN, however as EUR also reported, Jackson is currently meeting with the Washington Washington Football Team who have expressed interest in signing him.

A matchup of Stevenson and Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin III would certainly upgrade their offense.

But Stevenson has some fans among the Raiders as well.

“When you talk about bringing in a guy as talented as he is, and you have that opportunity, I think you take a shot at it,” Raiders safety Chris Woodson said. “And I think where we are as a team, we need all the playmakers we can have, and adding that guy would definitely help take us to the next level.”

(Photo: PR Photos, Instagram)

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