Perhaps Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant should stick to talking about basketball – or step into the real world when speaking out on race and black men in America. Bryant is embroiled in a firestorm of controversy after he told a reporter for The New Yorker that he didn’t feel compelled to support the Trayvon Martin case simply because he’s black.

“I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” Bryant, 35, said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”

Bryant seems clueless. Why didn’t he review the “facts” and then speak out? He could have responded to The New Yorker in so many different ways. Did he follow the Trayvon Martin case at all? If he clearly understood the circumstances, Bryant would know that George Zimmerman shot Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, because Zimmerman claimed he felt threatened by a black teenager wearing a hoodie. Zimmerman said Martin looked “suspicious” simply because he was Black. Even after he was was acquitted of killing Martin, Zimmerman has shown absolutely no remorse.

Bryant lives in a bubble. He resides in a mansion in a gated community, he’s sheltered from all things Black and urban and he’s removed from the streets. And that’s fine – but not being part of it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand it. But here’s the truth: Bryant can’t relate to Trayvon Martin. Maybe Jim Brown is right. The Hall of Fame NFL running back told The New Yorker that Bryant doesn’t understand the African-American culture. Bryant grew up in Italy, where his father was a professional basketball player.

“[Kobe] is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country,” Brown said. Whatever his reasoning, Bryant has lived in the United States long enough to understand that young black men are being gunned down by white men, many of whom are using the nation’s self-defense Stand Your Ground laws to dodge prosecution.

Unless Bryant’s head has been buried in the sand since Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin because he was black in 2012, Bryant, an African-American man, should have offered a more thoughtful response. Even President Barack Obama weighed in, saying that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

The Miami Heat players, including their stars Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James, were shown wearing hoodies in a now-famous photo posted on social media in support of Martin. Yet Bryant remained silent. So now black folks are angry at him – and rightfully so. One civil rights activist, Najee Ali, director of Project Islamic H.O.P.E., is calling for a boycott of Bryant’s NBA merchandise.

“African-American youth should no longer buy Bryant’s jerseys or shoes and should boycott all products he endorses,” Ali said in a statement. “Bryant doesn’t identify with the struggle that our African-American youth face nationally. So why should we continue to support Bryant who has never truly identified with the African-American experience.”

Bryant doesn’t fully identify with the black experience, but we’ve known this for years. Perhaps we’re taking Bryant too seriously. After all, he’s a professional basketball player, not an African-American scholar. Maybe Bryant just needs to talk about basketball – and perhaps we should let him.

What do you think?

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118 thoughts on “Is Kobe Bryant Really That Clueless About The Black Male Experience?

  1. It’s a given that we black folks aren’t monolithic. With that said, those of us who know our history in this country recognize racially based injustice when we see it. That’s why Kobe Bryant’s words left such a bad taste. The Trayvon Martin case is clearly one in which anti-black racism played a part, from George Zimmerman’s history of calling 9-1-1 more than 40 times about black men and boys, his forming unfounded assumptions about Trayvon based on race which led him to stalk and kill him, to the shoddy “investigation” the Sanford Police Department conducted. On top of it all, it took nationwide protests that included Americans of all races to get Zimmerman arrested after 44 days. Due to his father’s connections, he got numerous breaks like being allowed to change judges, especially after he and his wife got caught lying about their finances in court ad in jail. Then, the prosecution deliberately threw this case. Kobe Bryant would have been better off saying “no comment,” because even though it’s a bad idea to defend someone just because he or she is black, the fact is that Trayvon was clearly a victim, information Kobe Bryant could have found out for himself if he had really cared. Victims are to be defended, but not perpetrators. Besides, Kobe Bryant is where he is today precisely because black and white folks risked and often lost their lives fighting against the kind of injustice that resulted in that travesty of a trial. He’s also where he is today because many black folks rallied around him as a black man–alive, free from jail, and well.

  2. Tammy on said:

    They all forget UNTIL they get into trouble. When Kobe was in trouble and BLACKS stood by him because they knew that white chic was trying to set him up, did KObe have a problem for black supporting him? NO. As a matter of fact, old Kobe tried to use quotes from MLK and black leaders.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Tammy, Do not make stupid statements, little girl!!!! Everyone from all races supported Kobe, not just black people. Get your facts straight before you make uneducated, dumb ass comments!!!!!!!!

    • sondis on said:

      This is typical, Tammy. sell out uncle tom Negros quote Martin Luther King, when it suits them. Hell, even white supremacist racists like IanRousseault, quote Mrt Luther King Jr. So what does that tell you?

      It says the speaker takes his words out of context and uses them for his own, agenda.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Sondis, My heart goes out to you and Tammy. Two completely sad individuals who have absolutely no clue how life really works in this Country, rendering the both of you to a life of stupidity and poverty!!!!! SMDH!!!!!!

  3. ambientbake on said:

    If only Trayvon had not doubled back and attacked Zimmerman he would still be alive today. Hopefully other young blacks will learn from Trayvon’s tragic decision to use violence instead of his words.

    • Roosevelt on said:

      Double back? Are you kidding me. Travon was standing his ground from a angry prejudice white/Mexican
      man in the dark following him because he was black. If anyone in this conversation is followed at night by a stranger and once confronted by this stranger who doesn’t have a badge,not a cop,not a detective. Just someone asking me what am I doing around here? Hell what are you doing around here and why the hell are you following me. Without a gun George would have sat his as$ in that car because he clearly cant fight. That gun gave him the power to confront a unarmed kid that was minding his own dam business and its stupid people like you that just don’t get it.

      • sondis on said:

        You can’t tell the majority of white people this, because of their blind hatred and racism towards black people, they can’t and won’t see a black person as a victim, that has civil rights like them, who has the right to stand our ground, just like Treyvon martin did on that fateful night.

        Only white people have rights as American citizens, to stand their ground.

        These laws were made by white people for white people to kill black people and get away with it.

        I’ve read many articles on cases where a black person has killed a white person in self defense and claimed stand your ground law and the white judge threw it out and convicted. Sometimes the judge with bring it to a trial, just for an all white jury to find the black person guilty of murder.

        Don’t bother expecting 99.9% of white people to admit to white supremacy, racism and white privilege.

        They won’t admit or go against something that benefits them, this is why they support white supremacy, racism and white privilege

      • IanRousseault on said:

        And under NO circumstance at all are black people VICTIMS!!!!! We are just as capable as everyone else to lead and have successful lives just like the rest of the population!!!! So try and bring your brain into modern day thinking and education, and realize WE ARE THE ONLY ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN DESTINY!!!!!!!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I agree with Ambientbake, If the young Mr. Martin had doubled back, yes he would be alive today!!!! T

  4. KOBE BRYANT didn’t read the memo: Everyone must always be in lockstep with whatever goes on in the Damn HOOD(black azz community).
    Also you can’t speak I’ll of Da Hood’s favorite Dead Azz Son, Trayvon Martin especially if you are A black man(WOMAN).
    Doing so will make you A pariah/traitor. SAD!!!

  5. Kiki on said:

    I’m a little confused here. If you or are a L.A. Lakers Fan and the difference between the Championship game was between a foul or a Kobe shot, y’all would be praising , yellin, screaming, black mamba-ing all over the place. I was raised to accept people for who and what they are. And don’t pretend that some of you wish you were in his Italian shoes and I’m not speaking of money. Some of us wish we weren’t who we are and we fantasize something else. He can actually retire to any country in the world and be just as accepted. Can we do that? Yeah, I said it…………………….

  6. You ought to be ashamed of writing this article, what a pathetic joke.

    Nowhere in this article does it mention that Zimmerman was being assaulted by Trayvon, but lets ignore that.

    Young black men are being gunned down by white men? Ignoring the fact that Zimmerman isn’t white, where is all this happening? Give me some more examples?

    Who kills young black men? Other young black men. Look up the FBI crime stats. Jesus, talk about living in a bubble.

    You want to crucify Kobe for not understanding the thug life? GFY, the guy is successful beyond anyones wildest dreams because he works his ass off. I hope all of your faithful readers never put another penny of their money into a Kobe brand. Guess what genius, it would never come close to even being on his radar.

    God what a joke.

  7. Ty Shine on said:

    What exactly is the black experience? Would anything Kobe said or did bring Trayvon back to life? The only reason we got to know about Trayvon was because of George Zimmerman. The media wanted to believe that he was an angry white man instead of a crazed Hispanic. Obama was raised by whites in Hawaii and went to Ivy League schools, the man never spent a night in the ‘hood.

    • Roosevelt on said:

      you don’t have to live in the hood to know your black history and to know when an Injustice has occurred. Are you kidding me.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Roosevelt, Not every black person lives in the hood and no one should live in the hood at all. A lot of black people have been brought up in wonderful, amazing, respectable homes, and live a life of Joy, Education, Travel, Blessings, and are extremely Happy that they are Americans. Yes there are a lot of black americans that live in the hood, but that’s NOT every black person’s experience. A lot of us know our history VERY well, that’s why we strive and achieve wonderful things in this life that we’ve been blessed to have. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you automatically OWE the hood your allegiance, you OWE to yourself to AVOID the hood at all cost, and really Live and Love your Life!!!!!

  8. Absolutely ignored in this article is the fact that Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman. Kobe Bryant gave one of the most poignant responses from a black man I have come across regarding the George Zimmerman self defense case. The author of this article and the commentary about it really drive home Bryants point. Don’t omit facts that are very important to the case to perpetuate the supposed racial aspect of the case. Quit disregarding factual information to further a bullshit narrative made up by the liberal media. The author is doing a diservice to the black community by writing poorly thought out drivel like this.

    • sondis on said:

      This is why, black people say that Kobe Bryant, is white identified and comes off like a cooning sellout, shucking and jiving for white people. He sounds just like an uninformed, clueless, oblivious, insensitive, privileged white person, just like you, Joe.

      The reason why Kobe looks so stupid is because, despite the facts being available with a simple Google search, he was oblivious to the REAL REASON, why black people got upset about Zimmerman, killing treyvon martin.

      Black people in Florida protested, because the police filed no criminal charges, even before an investigation could have taken place.

      They did nothing that night in the way of an investigation. Their extent of a “official investigation” was questioning Zimmerman and letting him go!

      Not gathering evident, not preserving the crime scene. Not contacting homicide, nothing! They didn’t even care enough to contact his parents until 3 days later!

      They simply took Zimmerman words as fact and let him go on his merry way! No charges!!

      Now, that is why people were angry about the whole case! Not solely based on a teenage boy, getting racially profiled and stalked, then killed, once his stalker confronted him!

      That being said, none of those other issues, didn’t make things any better far as what people were feeling about the situation!

      So cut the crap about, Kobe just wanted to know the fact, before making a comment. He didn’t care to even read up on it, before speaking on such a sensitive topic. He just made outed himself as a sellout to his race.

      This is why white people like yourself, come to sell out black people’s defense, because white people like to use black people, against other people. Longs that black persons, hold the same views as white people, they will pat that Negro on the head and say….good boy.

  9. sondis on said:

    Exceptional Negroes are those who are “not like other blacks”. They do not fit the stereotypes. Sometimes they achieve great things, rise to the top of their field. They become sports heroes, film stars, tokens, black best friends, beloved servants and so on. Some even have white fans, lovers or admirers.

    If you ever notice how a white person in America can be racist and yet be a fan of Michael Jordan, vote for Obama or be married to a black person, that is the Exceptional Negro thing at work.

    Whites sometimes use it to prove they are not racist – the black best friend and black president arguments – but in fact it is a side effect of:

    The rules of white racist thinking:

    When whites do something good, it proves how wonderful whites are. Like inventing the light bulb, freeing the slaves, feeding the children in Africa, etc.
    When whites do something bad, it is written off to circumstances, personal failings, etc. So stuff like owning slaves, raping Africa, the Wall Street crash and two massacres in two months (James Holmes, Wade Michael Page) prove absolutely nothing about white people. Whites are individuals!
    When blacks do something good, it is downplayed, overlooked or written off as an exception. The city of Great Zimbabwe? Never heard of it. Half of American blacks are middle-class? That cannot be right. Timbuktu? Due to Arab influence. Someone does not fit the stereotypes? Not like other blacks, an Exceptional Negro.
    When blacks do something bad, it proves how screwed up they are. Psychopathic killers? Proof that blacks are violent and savage. High rates of poverty? Proof of black pathologies. Mugabe’s misrule of Zimbabwe? Proof that blacks are not fit for self-government. Someone fits a stereotype? Stereotype proved true!

    In short, whites are judged according to the best among them, blacks are judged according to the worst among them.

    The Exceptional Negro allows whites to feel like they are not racist – “My best friend is black!” – while all along keeping their stereotypes untouched!

    Reverting to type: When an Exceptional Negro falls from grace – Vanessa Williams, Marion Barry, Jayson Blair, Joe Jett, etc – it is not due to mere personal failings, like with Martha Stewart, James Holmes or Richard Nixon, but because they are black, because the stereotypes are true after all. When they fall there is like this pretend shock, which you know is pretend because it is too quickly followed by something like, “See, it was too good to be true. We should have known better. It just goes to show.”

    That comes not from a profound understanding of black people but from viewing them through deeply held stereotypes.

    Not protected from racism: Being an Exceptional Negro does not protect you from racism. In fact, some whites can become even more hateful because you threaten their sad, overblown self-image. They will find ways to tear you down. It gives lie to the white claim that they would stop being racist if blacks “proved themselves” worthy of their respect.

  10. Stephan on said:

    When we demand critical thought before speech & action of ourselves, we can, then, demand it of others, including(but not limited to)George Zimmerman who, had he used both, may have left Trayvon Martin ALONE, making all of this moot.

  11. Stephan on said:

    So, Kobe Bryant didn’t say what other black people didn’t want him to say, the way they wanted him to say it, so, they’re attacking him. Big shock.
    All Kobe asked was for black people to consider the facts before rushing to judgment.
    Is it really such a jarring request for us, as a people, to think FIRST…?
    What does Kobe’s Italian upbringing have to do with anything, other than, perhaps, those who bring it up as a negative do so out of sheer envy? If anything, it taught him how to think critically in certain situations.
    Why so bitter about who he married? How is that even any of your business, or subject to your “approval”?
    Yes, Kobe has not always made the best life choices(like the rest of us), but, he’s definitely right here.
    Deal with it.
    Kobe’s straying far from his “comfort zone” here.
    He’s far from “clueless”, too. History will prove that that label applies far more to those who are attacking his plea for common sense & critical thinking.

    • Roosevelt on said:

      So Kobe wants to accuse blacks of not thinking first? Does he think we are that stupid. Well not only did he not think first he did not read or understand the case like thinking black people had done. I guess when white massa pays you millions you don’t think any of his kind would ever do a black kid wrong. Could have easily been one of Kobe’s kids walking home that night. Only then would he fully understand what black people are up against in this country.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Number one: Kobe Bryant’s children would NEVER be caught dressed like that and would NEVER be caught in a neighborhood such as that one Mr. Martin was in. And STOP making blanket statements about black people and the ‘black experience’ in this Country. Every black person DOES NOT experience the same things in Life!!!!! Come on Roosevelt, where’s your education on this issue??????

  12. His statement was absolutely correct and we should just run to someones defense just because they’re black!! But the wasn’t the issue in this case!! It wasn’t that it was because Trayvon was black, it was because he was murdered in cold blood and his admitted killer wasn’t even arrested that night and the police had no intention of arresting him until the public became aware of this!!

  13. sondis on said:

    A Rented Negro is a black person who is paid or otherwise helped by whites for putting a black face on white opinion and power. An Uncle Tom with stock options.

    For example, the second black mayor of St Louis, Clarence Harmon, a Democrat, was called a “rented Negro” before his election in 1997. He was also called the “white man’s candidate” and a “race traitor”. He was seen as serving the interests of whites over those of blacks for his own political gain.

    The black talking heads you see on American television news are mostly Rented Negroes: unlike most blacks few are to the left. That cannot be an accident. In the blogosphere you can see the black left in all its glory – but on television it is strangely absent.

    Well, not so strangely when you think about it: unlike the blogosphere, nearly everything you see on television was put there by white men, by white news editors, producers, screenwriters and so on. Even BET is white-owned.

    That means blacks who pretty much agree with whites – or, even worse, play to their stereotypes – will have a much easier time getting on television than those who do not. So even though you see black faces on television, it is still pretty much the World According to White People.

    And you know this because every now and then something breaks through the White Space-Time Continuum that is American television: Rodney King, Katrina, Reverend Wright, Michelle Obama’s pride, etc. Briefly you see into another world before the break in the Continuum closes up again and the Rented Negroes resume their places.

    Rented Negroes can be on the left, like Harmon, or on the right, like Alan Keyes. It is not the opinions that make you rented but renting them to white people for their benefit, giving them a black face to hide behind.

    Are Rented Negroes sell-outs?

    Some clearly are, like Amy Holmes and Booker T. Washington, who changed their public opinions to suit whites.

    Others, though, did not have to change their opinion. After all, blacks have all kinds of opinions just like everyone else, so some are bound to have Rentable Opinions – like Juan Williams, Clarence Thomas, John McWhorter and Alan Keyes. And yet they cannot be so unworldly as to not see that they are rented.

    As to Booker T. Washington, he did not openly push for equal rights, even though most blacks could not vote. He did not push for an end to Jim Crow, even though blacks were being hanged from trees. Instead he said blacks must first pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Education, hard work, saving money and patience were the way.

    That was just what white people thought too! Like the rich white people who gave money to his school, Tuskegee.

    So did Washington truly believe what he was saying or was he a bought man? We have his private letters so now we know the answer: he was bought.

  14. sondis on said:

    The Five Rules of Racial Standing come from a chapter in Derrick Bell’s “Faces At The Bottom Of The Well: The Permanence Of Racism” (1993). They are the rules whites in America use to determine how seriously to take someone’s statements.

    Bell, as a law professor, was thinking mainly of court cases, but the rules apply just as well to talk shows, books, blogs, the news and even at work – anywhere whites stand in judgement.

    The five rules in my own words:

    Black people: Whatever bad thing blacks say about racism and whatever good thing they say about each other can be discounted: most blacks are incapable of being fair-minded about such things.
    White people: What whites say about racism is to be taken way more seriously than what blacks say. Even when whites are merely repeating what blacks say. Because white opinion is assumed to be unaffected by racism. Because the white viewpoint is what everything else is being measured against. Therefore whites always come out seeming the most fair-minded and even-handed. With one exception:
    Uncle Toms: They have not only proved they are fair-minded (they agree with whites) and independent of race loyalty (they criticize other blacks) but because they are black they clearly understand other blacks better than whites do.
    The Farrakhans: When a black person does or says something that whites consider “outrageous”, other blacks are expected to openly condemn him. Those that do not are assumed to side with him and may face unpleasant consequences. Note that whites are not expected to condemn the “outrageous” statements or actions of other whites. This is a special rule for blacks only.
    A blessing and a curse: Knowing these rules will allow you to understand how things will unfold but not how to stop them.


    Black jurors and judges tend to be kept off of cases where racism plays a big part. See #1.
    It is very hard for a black person to win a job discrimination suit without white witnesses. See #2.
    Tim Wise: See #2.
    Clarence Thomas: Even though he had little experience as a judge, because he spoke out against affirmative action and civil rights as a black person he was assumed to have good judgement, fit for the Supreme Court. See #3.
    Alice Walker: She became famous among whites with “The Color Purple” (1982) where she painted black men in a bad light (Almost no bad white people in her book). See #3.
    Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele and other Rented Negroes: See #3.
    The “no-snitch” rule: If you are black, the bad you say about other blacks will be remembered by whites far more than the good. But that means most blacks are unwilling to openly criticize each other in front of whites, making it seem to whites that most blacks are blinded by race loyalty. See #1 and #3.
    Obama was expected to publicly condemn his own pastor because some white people did not like sound bites from his sermons. See #4.
    The black proxy: Whites like to use blacks to bring down other blacks. See #4.

  15. sondis on said:

    The voice of colour is the idea that, all things being equal, people of colour are better able to speak about racism than whites because they experience it directly. That might seem like common sense, but not to most White Americans, who believe in:

    The voice of whiteness – the idea whites are better at talking about racism, about anything, in fact, because whites presume themselves to be fair-minded, unaffected by the colour of their skin, by race, by race loyalty. It is one of the Rules of Racial Standing – the rules by which whites process the truth of statements according to the race of the speaker. In America it is why:

    in most court cases where race matters the jury (and judges) will be nearly all white.
    it is hard for a black person to win a job discrimination suit without white witnesses.
    whites think blacks are emotional thinkers.
    whites think blacks imagine racism.
    Tim Wise can make a living by repeating stuff people of colour say.

    Because they trust the judgement of whites over people of colour, even (or especially) when it comes to racism. Whites trust voices of colour only in so far as they agree with the voice of whiteness. Thus Rented Negroes.

    Strictly speaking both the voice of colour and voice of whiteness are a logical fallacy, an ad hominem: judging the truth of statements according to who makes them. From the point of view of logic, statements are true or false regardless of who makes them – they stand or fall based on facts and reason. Experts in a field might be able to make better arguments, but they must still stand on their own.

    In practice, however, the race of the speaker does matter. Whites leave out racism, play it down or fail to know even the simplest facts about it. Karl Marx, for example, lived in a time when whites kept blacks as slaves and wiped out native people to take their land – yet, despite his vast reading, thinking and writing about Western history and the nature of its society, he said little about racism.

    It is not what you might think – a simple lack of direct experience of racism. At least not in the case of White Americans. After all, they do not seem to have the same trouble in knowing, understanding and talking about, say, anti-Semitism or toxic waste. White people have brains. There are tons of written accounts of racism. They can read. It goes deeper than that.

    Instead it is their Fragile White Ego: They base too much of their self-image as good people on being white, as strange as that sounds. Yet it is the absurdity of that position – and deep down they know perfectly well how absurd it is – that makes them avoid any deep examination of racism. It becomes like that thing your uncle did that no one wants to talk about.

  16. tRuTh HuRtZ on said:

    !!!!! This what happens when a Black man get a white woman. He begins to take on the identity of that white woman assuming himself that he’s white. Kobe will be cut down in a matter of time those that tend to forget somewhere down the line will be reminded in more ways than one. This idiot think his money will keep him sheltered. I got news for you Mr. Bryant you live in California its just a matter of time before you will experience what is like to be a Black man in america. Good luck you fool & when it hit please don’t seek support from the black community after all we don’t understand you definitely don’t understand us.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      You know what, It’s best to keep your mouth shut when you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to say!!!!!! Are you really this DUMB and STUPID???????

    • And when he does encounter a black man, hopefully the white community does not automatically jump to conclusions without getting all the facts before stretching the neck of said black man. Idiot.

  17. What’s really sad is that most of you don’t realize how the heck Koby and even his father got to where they are now. To distance yourself from your own race’s issues is the saddest. Without his fame and money he would be just another black person who suffers predjudice everyday. Instead of being surrounded by white folks everyday who dictate what he should or should not do and who he should or should not hang around.

    • As opposed to being surrounded by black people who dictate how he should feel and think. Which is exactly what he’s getting now. A whole bunch of black folks accusing him of “forgetting where he came from” because displaying the sheeple mentality they have, he has the audacity to use his individual mind capabilities to form his own opinions about a subject matter. Who woulda’ thunk it?!!

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Kay, This is scary, I think we share a brain. LOL!!!! That is exactly what I wanted to say. I’m so glad to have another person on here who fells and thinks exactly as I do!!!!!!

      • micheal on said:

        lanrousseault, you are forever correcting someone, correct yourself! Get out a dictionary and look up the word fells! Correct spelling > feel

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Thank you Michael, where would I be, without an educator such as yourself??????

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Kay, this Michael character sure doesn’t sound like someone with two PHD’s!!!!! I don’t believe his BULL____ for one second. LMAO!!!!!

      • Roosevelt on said:

        We are letting him have it because the white people in this country have already degraded the young man, we don’t need clueless Kobe pilling on. With Hannity,Rush,and Bill O Reilly calling the young man a Thug,Gangster,and saying what he was wearing is what got him killed is fricken crazy they did not have one good word to say about an unarmed young black kid. We clearly don’t need our own race giving prejudice white people stupid comments about a injustice that was clearly wrong.

      • I agree. And I heard a lot of stupid comments on this subject. But Kobe’s wasn’t one of them.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I’m black Roosevelt and I’m proud to be black. But I can say that YES Trayvon Martin was A THUG in the making, look at his Facebook posts and tell me exactly where this young 2 chainz character was heading???? Look at his home life, a fater that’s a disgrace to ALL black men the world over, check out his past with Trayvon’s Mother and the other women in his life. No Trayvon DID NOT deserve to die at all!!!! But Yes he was a young THUG just waiting to happen!!!!!!

      • sondis on said:


        I’m black Roosevelt and I’m proud to be black.”

        He’s a liar Roosevelt. He’s a racist white man, pretending to be a black person. how pathetic of white people to always hide behind a computer and claim to be black? No black person would say all the things he has said. calling black people every name in the book! if any one, white or black, believes that IanRousseault is a black person, you’ll believe anything.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        You can believe whatever you want to believe, I don’t give a damn! My parents raised me and my siblings to never sugar coat anything in life, call a spade a spade, it doesn’t matter what color you are. When you see things that are wrong and disgusting, you call them out, regardless if it’s about your race or another race. Always be TRUTHFUL with yourself and to yourself!!!!!! And I honor and respect my parents for that, they’re why I’m the Man that I am today!

    • sondis on said:

      Roosevelt, you’re wasting your breathe. You’re not talking to people who care about our experience, living in a white supremacist society. again, white people have a invested interest in supporting Racism via white supremacy, being they benefit from it via white privilege. This is why i don’t respond to them.

      They are here to pass judgement on all black people and support the white identified black people that have the same mindset as them, Kobe Bryant for example. longs black people never bring up white supremacy, racism and white privilege, we are good Negros and are rewarded.

      White people abide by a white code of conduct, amongust themselves and that code is to never, ever speak about, acknowledge or admit to white supremacy, racism and white privilege. They benifit so having it spoken of is forbidden. This is why they get very defensive and red in the face, when blacks and even some liberal whites, like Tim Wise ( the white anti-racist ) speak about racism, white supremacy and white privilege.

      Its breaking the white code of conduct! Its especially worse for a white person to do this as the white person is looked upon as exposing the truth of benefiting from being white in America.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Sondis, I wish I could meet you and put a Muzzle over your mouth, to prevent you from spewing your STUPIDITY all over this site!!!!!

  18. its a heart issue on said:

    Being the father of a professional athlete myself, I cringe at the thought of my son giving an interview on anything except his profession…. These guys are often so busy they lose sight of the daily business or even the details of current events. Its highly unlikely that they even sit still and listen to articles of such events….so to his credit he is oblivious to what really happened with the case. I have had to inform my son of various product recalls, hot stock tips and just about anyother trending going on outside his profession

    • In all actuality, we were all oblivious to what was going on with case at first. Which is why Mr. Bryant chose to reserve his judgment until he know more. Why is that so hard a concept for people to grasp?

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Kay, It’s not hard to accept his point of view, if you’re truly educated and realize that we all have our own and different opinions about life. A truly educated person will not try to take down a person with a difference of opinion, but instead will encourage individual thinking and assessment!

  19. Thekidsmom on said:

    Kolby is no different than other African Americans stars who only want to be African American when it benefits them…I.e. O.J. Sadly enough, we generally give these folks a pass and support them whenever they need us. SHAME on us! We need to stop embracing African American “stars” who have no vested interested in African American issues/politics. Kolby as well as Tiger Woods have black faces and white agendas.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      DUMB comments like that is what holds back a LARGE part of the black community. It’s SAD that you do not have the brain to comprehend the damage of talk like that. Just because they might not see the world as you do, this makes them irrelevant to the black community??? OH well I’m sure they’re not losing any sleep over it!!!!!!!

      • I too, Ian am bewildered by the anger shown toward someone who simply has a different point of view. Totally baffling.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Yes, this is very SAD, that a difference of opinion will get soooo much backlash. I would think that anyone with a brain would know that everyone is not going to view all issues the same way. I’m shocked and dismayed at the LOW level of education that comes from some of the responses on this site. But you just keep fighting and moving on with the hope that one day education and intelligence will win out!!!!!

  20. MellaYella on said:

    African Americans took Kobe side over the young lady in Colorado without knowing the facts. Maybe we do need to hear the story first before we act and the next time Kobe finds himself in that position “Let’s hear the facts!!!!!!

  21. americanize. on said:

    This dude has issues,he can,t even get along with his own parents.He,s very self centerd,but glad his kind is in the minority. GOD BLESS BLACK AMERICA.

  22. The bootstrap myth, also called the meritocracy myth, says that anyone can come to America with nothing and, with hard work and clean living, rise into the middle-class in one, two or three generations: “My grandfather came here with $25 in his pocket. If he can do it, anyone can. What is wrong with black people?”

    As commonly conceived it is

    way too simple and
    mainly used in a racist, self-serving way
    Many whites use it to support their idea that American society is fair, that racism is dead. And then, in almost the same breath, they use it to support their own racist ideas! You know, that Asians and Jews have more intelligence, that blacks are shiftless layabouts, and so on.

    In my experience, which mainly concerns West Indian New York, plenty of people do come to America with nothing and lift themselves into the middle-class – yet plenty more do not. Despite all their hard work and clean living. Because the key seems not to be hard work and clean living but a university degree in a useful field.

    West Indians succeed not because racism died but because American public schools suck. New York, with its factories mostly gone, needs a work force that its schools cannot produce on their own.

    Meanwhile one of the main images of America that is burned into my brain are the million or more people in New York who live in poverty through no fault of their own. And, by some Amazing Coincidence, few are white.

    So when white people start with the bootstrap stuff it sounds self-serving and delusional. The Asians they love to talk about are part of a brain drain. They came to America with a much better education than most whites have. They hardly pulled themselves up from the bottom depending on American institutions.

    And these Asians and West Indians most certainly do face racism. They succeed in spite of it, not because it has magically disappeared somehow.

    The bootstrapper trope almost always overlooks black success. Half of blacks are now middle-class (or were just before the Great Recession). Something you would never know from the trope. They talk about Jews and Asians – and even the Irish – as if millions of blacks have not done the very same thing. Which shows that the trope comes from a racist mindset, not from the latest studies.

    The “come to America with nothing” part is hugely misleading. Here is some of that “nothing”:

    political rights
    whether immigration is voluntary or involuntary
    how much one’s culture has been destroyed
    knowledge of English
    parents’s class and education
    family support
    ethnic support and institutions
    internalized racism
    growth of the labour market
    racist hiring and promotion practices
    racist incarceration rates
    Some of the “ethnic support and institutions” for whites which come with their “nothing”:
    labour market
    housing market
    the press
    Homestead Act
    manifest destiny
    cheap black and Latino labour
    347 years of slave labour

    • IanRousseault on said:

      You know what sondis, I am going to PRAY for you, because I’m sooooo sorry that you have not been able to find REAL JOY and REAL SELF LOVE for yourself. I’m sorry that you didn’t have as I have REAL PARENTS that taught me to have a belief in myself, that I could accomplish anything I wanted to in this World, regardless of my skin color. I’m soooo thankful right now as I write this, that I was abundantly blessed with sane and educated parents who have and always have had a successful Life. I’m sorry that you couldn’t realize your TRUE worth in this world and therefore you’re not living a truly authentic, happy ,amazing Life. I Pray that somehow your Life will be turned around and you’ll receive REAL JOY and learn how to TRULY LIVE LIFE!!!!! Take care of yourself, my Brother….. Ian

  23. Public Enemy #2 on said:

    Someone needs to ask Kobe is this also the explaination he’d offered Shaq after everyone found out how metally responsible he was with it after his litle challeging escopade with the chambermaid in CO! Had he applied his psychological talent like Kareem then or was he just reverting back to his ball hogg style!? Lol just watching you score d basketball big guy!

  24. Andre brushaw on said:

    I agree with Kobe why is it that we only get upset when somebody from another race does something to us these ignorant black thugs have killed way more of our people than white men why are we not mad about that an I grew up in south central LA it wasn’t white men I was protecting myself from it was black idiots

    • Public Enemy #2 on said:

      Your protection from blacks should be govermental priority!! Your right. Blacks should have more restriction on each other! Ask Floyd Maywether, shit never stops!!

    • sondis on said:

      You’re not black so cut the spit! You’re so obviously white, its laughable that you actually think, black people can’t see through your black sock puppet attempt. So spare me with your, “US”

      You gave yourself away as a white man by so many things you’ve said in your statement. “calling black people, “thugs” isn’t something black people say, referring to ourselves. Only white people refer to black people as thugs, which is just a code word for the “N” word. You failed miserably at trying to pass off as a black person. stick to being a white person….

      • IanRousseault on said:

        Look Dummy, Yes black people call each other THUGS, when you exhibit thuggish behavior, you MORON!!!!! And who gives a damn if Andre is white???? Stop with your obvious high school drop out mentality and find something constructive to do with your Life. You ignorant, thuggish black man!!!!!!!

  25. Timekeeeper on said:

    No one asked Kobe ( or any one for that matter) to jump on anyones bandwagon. The Miami Heat was NOT taking sides. All they wanted; like most conscientious Americans was a trial. Which by the way would never have happened if people did not protest. By the way, protesting didnt start with people of color. Ever heard of the boston Tea Party!! Protesitng for what is right has always been a part of America. Kobe should never have opened his mouth Without Knwoing The Facts! Yes, in a perfect world it would be nice to sit back and wait like he suggested. But we dpont live in a perfect world now do we? For him to bad mouth the Miami Heat. Bad Move, those guys were legit; and Im not even a Heat Fan. I simply respect what they did. He should have as well. And if he didnt know, then he should have asked!

  26. IanRousseault on said:

    I soooo agree with Kobe Bryant, You should ALWAYS look at all of the facts before making a rational decision. The color of ones skin has Absolutely nothing to do with it. Just like Dr. Martin Luther King said: You should judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin. WOW! It’s sad how many people have forgotten that. That’s all he was saying. And just because Mr. Bryant is a successful Black man, doesn’t mean that he is disconnected from black issues, there are sooooo many Positive black issues that are concerning to the black community. I’m sure a lot of people do not realize that they are sooooo many successful black men that are not from the HOOd and who have NEVER lived in the HOOD and NEVER will, and NEVER will know anything about the HOOD. And that’s a Great thing. There are sooooo many educated black men in all diverse fields and occupations. You must STOP associating black life to the HOOD and negativity…..There are sooooo many black men, like Kobe Bryant who are Great men and Great role models, and who see life through very DIFFERENT outlooks from others. So Stop taking Mr. Bryant to task for just trying to speak the truth and trying to move forward with his life. There are sooooo many of US sucessfukl black men who see life just as Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant, and we are proud of that, and wouldn’t have it any other way. I thank God every day for my Parents who taught me, that you CAN be ANYTHING you want to be, it’s all up to you. And that’s there is NO one or NOTHING that can keep you from a life that you really deserve and want!!!!!!!

    • Public Enemy #2 on said:

      Thats right sista’! Prioritize you a nigga’ while he’s dazed and confused still from the last time the truth tore his ass up years and years ago. Now address that black men’s representitives!!!!

    • sondis on said:

      Being colour-blind will not end racism. It sounds like a good idea but in practice it does not work out that way.

      We know that because most White Americans who are now alive were brought up in a colour-blind way and yet studies show that most of them are still racist – even if their racism is no longer the cross-burning, n-word-using sort of Jim Crow days, but a less open, more subtle kind.

      Martin Luther King, Jr said:

      I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

      But he also said:

      When we view the negative experiences of life, the Negro has a double share. There are twice as many unemployed. The rate of infant mortality among Negroes is double that of whites…

      Fortysomething years later little has changed: the black unemployment rate is 1.96 times the white one (2011) while black babies die at 2.36 times the rate of white babies (2005).

      So what went wrong?

      The trouble with being colour-blind is that it blinds you. Most white people are so blind to racism that they think it is dead or no longer a big deal. Which leaves racism unexamined, unfought and unopposed. And stuck somewhere in the forever of 1974.

      American society was built in a racist way. Being colour-blind does little to change that. It does not, for example, help poor, black children get a better education. Or help more black babies to live. Or keep most Lakota Indians from dying before age 60.

      If you are colour-blind you have no way to see and fight the racist lies that America is built on. It is like having a broken radar.

      Noticing race is not the same thing as being racist. Dr King is a good example of that. Racism is the belief that one race is naturally better than another. Seeing people’s race does not by itself lead to that conclusion. What does is the idea that being different is somehow bad, that there is something wrong with it. Dr King did not talk about “seeing” colour but rather judging people by it instead of their character.

      Not noticing race, on the other hand, means not seeing racism. Because you do not see all the ways race plays out in American society.

      If you are a person of colour that means you do not understand how racism affects you, it means you see the racist lies of white people as the truth. And that can lead to doubt, confusion, wasted years, bad marriages, drink, drugs, even self-destruction. It is called internalized racism.

      Racism is a disease. Shutting your eyes to it, not noticing its operation, will not make it go away or lessen its effects.

      Yes, if in a hundred years racism truly does die then people will be colour-blind because colour will no longer matter. But to be colour-blind now means colour will continue to matter.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        It’s really SAD to me sondis, that you have sooooo much to say, but you really don’t say anything. Look you can let racism ruin and destroy your life if you want to. Or you can make the decision for yourself that you’re going to have the best life that you are entitled to. If all you want to do is sit around and talk about how bad racism is and the affects of it, that’s your dumb ass choice!!!!! Or you can go to school get educated take it seriously and really live Life as it should be!!! I choose to live my Life to the fullest and watch the others fall by the side of the road, because they have no sense that God gave a chicken! Don’t you realize your success or your downfall is up to you and no one else?????? Man get with it and live, for God’s sake. Don’t stay stuck in the past with the same old woe is me black folk S____!!!!!!

      • pjamesiii on said:

        sondis, I meant, your response was very well stated!

        Ian, why the lack of tolerance of others’ viewpoints. Just because you made a decision to live a color-blind life and do/did what you needed to “succeed”, good for you. I respected your comments until you started name calling, now you are just rude and obnoxious. Something you seem to miss in sondis’ response is that no matter how hard we work to succeed, everyday is a struggle. There are constant reminders, even for those “successful” black people who have never set foot in the ‘hood or have been exposed to urban America. What you fail to understand is that there is no visible finish line. Even in my success, I feel the responsibility of helping the next man because as a man, that is my responsibility…God, family, community…in that order. If your choice to be oblivious is working for you, fine, keep doing it. But you might want to reconsider criticizing others who feel a greater responsibility to more than just themselves.

      • IanRousseault on said:

        I also believe in helping others also. That’s a must and really it’s human nature. But I soooo HATE when I see people of color criticizing other black people because they have a different opinion than they do! There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what Mr. Bryant had to say about the Trayvon Martin case. We as black people are NEVER going to be on the same page when it comes to life. We all have our own opinion about things as well as it should be, We all have different experiences that lend to having different thought, feelings, and actions toward certain situations. That’s NORMAL people!!!!!! White people, Asian people, Jewish people, and Hispanic people also do not have the same views and opinion about their lives. Get over it and live your life, find your truth and live it. But STOP this stupidity of hating on others that see the world differently from you adventurous.Life is way too short, beautiful, wonderful ,adventurous, exciting, gratifying, overwhelming, loving, challenging and simply fantastic to let certain small issues prevent you from finding it’s REAL JOY!!!!!!

      • americanize. on said:

        Well stated sondis,Iam quite sure u expected those other people to come on this site,an try to cause havoc on this site,but quddos to u.Agin very well stated.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      I don’t think he should WASTE his time watching drivel like that. I don’t think Mr. Bryant is confused at all. He is a very educated, successful man. He knows exactly who he is, and always has known who he is

  27. He just thinks hes a white guy, he thinks likem and everything.ive lived abroad many years als playing ball, but ive always kept my blackness.of course I dont have your money, but ibhave my culture and dr kings dream.nothing phony about it, for jim brown to have to call him out, isvreally sad.youre still looked at as a black man rather you think so or not.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      No he doesn’t think he’s white. he knows exactly who he is. A very successful, educated, talented black man, who unlike Jim Brown has risen above looking at his life through RACIST colored eyes. Jim Brown only wishes he was HALF the man that Kobe Bryant is this very day. He doesn’t have the brains that Kobe has, he doesn’t have the Money that Kobe has, He doesn’t have the success that Kobe Bryant has and he certainly doesn’t have the capability that Kobe Bryant has. So Jim ‘who nobody cares about Brown’ should sit the hell down and shut the hell up, with his 1960-1970 way of thinking!!!!!!!!

  28. KOBI lives in a gated community lives in a big house has money, not unlike hundreds of thousands
    Of successful affluent black Americans … affluent blacks!! How can that be in this racist bigoted Whiteman’s open season on blacks land of opportunity we call America.
    I guess my heart goes out to the 18 yo black girl shot dead in my city the other day, didn’t hear about it?
    Not surprised sense like thousands of other black youths she was killed by another black

    • Public Enemy #2 on said:

      Bump that! I bet you that if Trevon had know what he probably should have known before he made the decision then he probably would never have wore a Kobe Bryant jersey as a black person in the first place famouses’! lol. I bet you that he would have kicked a couple of bad habits as well, walking, talking on the phone, going to the store, you know basically whatever the f’ he could have thought hence now this. In retrospect I bet you he would have only naturally thought something else!

  29. Kobe is a selfish and egotistical young man, now that I’ve said it.. His defense aimed at race (in the Colorado case). This is why he has the stand he has with the Martin/Zimmerman case. Kobe has forgotten the black community (not all) stood behind him and him with some of those high profilers representing the community. Did they really know the whole story? It was assumed by many that he was set up because he is black. It would make it all too easy for one to say “Kobe slid because he is black, if Kobe had stood with some of the other NBA players with Trayvon’s parents. Holla if you hear me!

    • IanRousseault on said:

      What does that mean ‘forgotten the black community’? Just because he’s black and successful does not mean he owes the black community ANYTHING!!!!! That’s the problem with a lot of uninformed, uneducated waiting on welfare check mentality of a lot of black people. Look I don’t expect anyone who’s black to owe me anything. Blacks DO NOT OWE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! When will some get that through your thick skulls. Instead of thinking/waiting for successful blacks to give something to the downtrodden black neighborhood, TRY making it on your own. Try staying in school and getting your education and PROVIDING for yourself and your family on your OWN. I never hear about the white community talking about Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Peyton Manning or Joe Montana or other white athletes talking about how they’ve forgotten the white community!!!!!!!!!! Why on the earth do STUPID, LAZY, GHETTO people expect this behavior from successful black people????? It’s the DUMBEST S____ that I’ve ever heard. No one owes any capable, living community anything at all!!!!!!!!

      • beejcee on said:

        The word “THAT” was unwisely left out of my wording, my bad. Should read, Kobe has forgotten “THAT” the black community (not all) stood behind him

  30. The Trayvon shooting was horrible and senseless. I feel for him and his family and I pray that their spirits would be healed and their pain lessened. However, the only reason the shooting became a big deal is because the media labeled Zimmerman a “white Hispanic”. If they had waited a minute and seen that he really doesn’t look white and has afro-Peruvian roots the story might have made the local news and then on to the weather reports. Young black men are killed every day all across the country without anyone marching or protesting – black or white. If the people were serious they could have continued marching and protesting after Trayvon’s death on a nationwide tour that could still be going on today. Sadly, the biggest threat to the lives of young black men in our cities are not the Zimmerman’s of the world, but other young black men who look just like them. Don’t believe me? Check your local newspapers or TV news reports.

  31. pjamesiii on said:

    IMO, he was not totally wrong. He may have been speaking about life as it should be, in a perfect world, perhaps even, what he is aspiring to. It is Kobe’s opinion and he is entitled.

    People! We need to stop falling prey to these tactics time and again. The media continues to portray blacks as inferior in every possible way and we take the bait. We cannot attack every situation with force and aggression. One brother made a comment about Kobe not wanting to upset his sponsors. I think that is a great strategic move (whether it is intentional or not). When the money is gone, then you lose the resources, your place at the table, your voice, your significance, your ability to compete and then you are back to square one. You can’t always be so quick to tip your hand in the face of confrontation. No one else knows if/what Kobe did to show his support for the senseless murder of that young man, but it is also not anyone’s business. For some reason, Kobe is a target. This is nothing more than a divide and conquer tactic (used successfully all of the time) to show how fast we can get people (black people) to turn their backs on Kobe, and then we got him!

    Play this game of life like chess.

    • rickcoleman2 on said:

      Right on Pjamesiii, stop be sheep people your were told to attack Kobe and without any thought to understand the brother you pounce. Keep the faith pjames

    • Bosco Nomolos on said:

      UNITED we stand, d i v i d e d we fall! Change did not come from individual thought or action. If Kobe Bryant lived during the civil rights movement he would have viewed Dr King as a militant as many wealthy affluent blacks did.

  32. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    Who listens to KB anyway. If someone stole his property and he and some of his buddies broke into wht room when his items were and he had a gun, Claiming the items were his. His Black ass would be arrested. My heart goes out for the brother. I

    • October on said:

      rickcoleman2, We don’t know how he approached Trayvon. Reports have surfaced that Zimmerman has anger and control issues. That in itself speaks volumes. If he approached Trayvon trying to be big bad, he should get his butt whippped.

  33. Ant Lofton on said:

    Kobe, is only a high school graduate. He is not an Rhodes Scholar. He is and individual with poor choices across the board. Rape charges, Breaking the code amongst players (right or wrong). Cheating on your wife and to make up give her the sun, moon and stars because you were not smart enough to have a prenuptial agreement. Suing your mother. Now speaking on something that clearly shows that you have not put any effort into learning what the topic is all about. In some instances it is best not to comment.
    Karma is a mother and I will just sit back and watch !

  34. stephanie on said:

    kobe has his head so deeply buried in the sand. when injustice happens to other group, they do stand and support each other. No kobe, we don’t expect you to come to this teen defense, you’re not black

  35. retired on said:

    I have nothing for this Italian! I will never waste a minute watching him shoot blanks! MONEY make FOOLS TALK STUPID!

  36. Paul on said:

    because he doesn’t want to support Trayvon Martin. your challenging his blackness. SMH Such BS. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I argue with kobe agreement about not jumpin on the bandwagon until you know the facts. It’s like the past two presidential elections. Some black people didn’t know who Obama was nor what he stood for. They just voted for a black man. I’m just saying we (blacks) need to do better “knowledge is power”

    • I said it. on said:

      Kobe Bryant has something about him personality wise that’s off putting, regardless to his stance on this issue.

      Also, ALL of humanity could do better, not just AA. Listening to comments like yours people would assume that AA’s are the worst people on the planet.

    • Raleigh Delesbore on said:

      If you studied your history, and I mean really study your history, I think your response would be a little different.

    • sondis on said:

      You’re not black, you’re a white man, playing the black sock puppet. You failed miserably at it i might add, didn’t fool me one bit.

      Black sock puppets are commenters who pretend to be black. Most are white racist trolls.

      Red flags:

      Conspicuous Blackness:
      Use of Mock Ebonics. This is pretty much a dead giveaway. Most Black Americans use Standard English in a public, written medium like a blog. Meanwhile, few whites can use Ebonics properly.
      Act to stereotype. They do this to “seem black”, if only to themselves.
      Use a name that seems “black” or “African”, like “Trinidad African” or “Naija Girl”.
      Say they are black in their first comment. You might think this is pretty common among black commenters, but at least on this blog it is not. Most make their race implicit in what they say, not explicit. Presumably because, unlike black sock puppets, they do not feel the need to point out their race or expect it to be doubted.
      Have a stereotyped view of blacks. Particularly one that never seems to go beyond the misrepresentation shown on American television. Most blacks have a broader, more fleshed-out, subtle, ordinary-life view of blacks.
      Push whitewashed opinions. Either by word or by acting to stereotype. There is little point in being a black sock puppet otherwise.
      Trolling. At least on this blog, nearly all trolls have been white. They create disagreements for their own amusement and then make it about winning the argument – because deep down they do not take the subject seriously.

      In short, black sock puppets tend to be trolls who are Conspicuously Black yet whitewashed!

      These behaviours flow from the nature of being a black sock puppet yet are things most black commenters do not do. Any one of them in itself might mean nothing, but two or more together is a bad sign.

      It is possible for a black person to do everything on the list, of course. Some blacks are Conspicuously Black. Some blacks are whitewashed. Some are trolls. Yet it is far more likely that these qualities will come together in a white troll than a black person.

      That said, there are two things to watch out for:

      Judging blackness based on ideology. There are 40 million blacks in America, a billion worldwide. They cover the full range of opinion, from Clarence Thomas to Angela Davis to beyond. There is no ideological purity test.
      Ad hominem fallacy: Arguments stand or fall in the end based on fact and reason, not on who makes them. Even black sock puppets can be right.

      The trouble with black sock puppets is not that they are wrong – sometimes they are right – but that they are arguing in bad faith.

      Commenters and race: Generally speaking, I try not to concern myself with a commenter’s race, particularly since it is nearly impossible to prove over the Internet (and, in any case, letting people self-identify however they want is probably the best policy, online and off). Instead I try to concern myself with their arguments. White racism is wrong no matter whose mouth it comes out of.

  37. I don’t think Kobe is clueless he is in denial and is a token. That is what he wants to be let him be a token. I never liked him anyway and just because you look black does not mean you are black or have the same experiences.

  38. I don’t think its Kobe who lives in a bubble. “Bryant would know that George Zimmerman shot Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old, because Zimmerman claimed he felt threatened by a black teenager wearing a hoodie. Zimmerman said Martin looked “suspicious” simply because he was Black. ” I see you left out the part where Martin was beating him senseless. Come people really pay attention, just like must of us (not I ) ran to R.Kelly defense and all know he was guilty, (OJ) same thing this is a story right now where a little girl is missing and woman killed. Where are the t-shirts and marches about that, oh that right this was a black man that did it. Maybe its just the “black experience”. Now Jim Brown who I respect his opinion, grew up in different times. Now we are our own worst enemy with the help of media and social outlets and the uninformed spreading misleading facts. Kobe has the essence of the problem most are still sheep, he just said it nicer

  39. No …. he’s not clueless – he’s just remaining in his comfort zone – he doesn’t want to make any of his sponsors and massa’s upset with him – so he’s playing his role to keep his money flowing in.

    • Tony on said:

      That’s probably the truest statement I’ve heard out of all of them. It reminds me of back in the day when people were getting on Michael Jordan about not taking a stand on certain issues and he replied that “Republicans buy shoes too.” If many of our old school celebrities had taken that “don’t get involved” attitude, then there would have been no Kobe or Michael. SMH…

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