03/28/14- After Madonna’s selfie of her hairy armpit went viral the conversation was sparked if women had the right to have hair on their bodies. While men can get away with it, women still find themselves pressured to go bare. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Deborah Aronin, the author of “Pitstache”, a documentary dedicated to you guessed it – armpit hair – and the men who loved them.

“I stopped shaving for probably the most feminist reason possible – my boyfriend asked me to,” Aronin says.

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4 thoughts on “JACQUE REID: Women Pressured To Go Bare? Societies Body Hair Issue

  1. Larinda on said:

    It is actually safer to have hair on your arm pits especially if you use antiperspirant. It has been shown to protect you from breast cancer.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      Good on you. I love a hairy box myself… traps the true herbal essence. The smell of a nice chuff is like catnip to me 🙂

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