Evelyn Lozada of VH1′s “Basketball Wives” straight ripped Wendy Williams for suggesting that her new baby with L.A. Dodgers baseball player Carl Crawford is nothing more than a means to a lifelong paycheck.

During the “Hot Topics” segment of Monday’s The Wendy Williams Show, (at 5:45 in the video above) the host said of the new mom, “Evelyn gave birth to a cash register, I mean a baby boy. …I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn girl, congratulations.”

She continued to talk about Evelyn’s LA Dodger boyfriend, saying, “He’s not a bad looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball … take care of your cash register!”

Well, Evelyn tore Wendy a new one via Twitter…suggesting that the talk show host’s husband was at her Miami store buying shoes for another woman.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 20.58.42

Ouch. We’re sure Wendy will have a response.

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19 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Claps Back at Wendy Williams Baby Shade

  1. Allema on said:

    RENE # 7 post…….. OMG u hit it rite on theeeeeeeee NOSE…… TAH …… RITE BACK AT HER….. Tahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! BECUS…….. Hoes FORGET…….👏👏👏👏👏👏😩

  2. Allema on said:

    And if Evelyn think WENDY ISNT GOIN TO CUT HER W HER WORDS in the future, then u can FORGET THAT!!!!! Remember she is THE QUEEN OF DISH N OUT, SHE IS THE QUEEN OF, tough SKIN….. So what she’ s BIG, so what she’s TALL, and So WHAT KEV ASS CHEATED, DID THE 💰💳💴💰💵( GOLDIGGER) FORGET THAT, chad did to, the first year of marriage, TAHHHHHHHH ….. Bitch pleazzzz….. At least kev waited like TEN YEARS LATER, even tho I DNT agree w that !!!!

  3. Allema on said:

    Evening u all…… And I agree with a few at the top, WENDY HUSBAND CHEATING IS SOOOOOOOOOO OLD…… And she (WENDY) has ADDRESSSSSSSSS THAT SO MANY TIMES/years ago……point blank, Evelyn is a dam tramp/ slut—– who is $$$$$ hungry,she can play the role, like she is soooooooo NOT ABOUT THST LIFE….. But -!!!!! WENDY IS RITE, and that’s one of the reasons y I don’t ⌚️HOUUUUSSSSSEEEE WIVES NOW, Becus am ova HER…. Remember u all…. Jus last year she WAS SOOOOOO IN 💔 w CHAD…. And then BASHED Jennifer, and then wanted us all TO GAV A PITTY PARTY FOR HER! F…… Mrs. I 💘TEAM CHAD…..

  4. Leonard on said:

    Wow Wendy Williams here is a hot topic for you tell the world about your husband and the Drag Queen Ms that’s my job and you were horrible on broadway and DWTS

  5. carol brabson on said:

    I have 2 good friends that waited till their kids were grown to have another baby, and they were in their right mind. Wendy picked ” the right one bay bay!”. How u know Evelyn’s lying? it depends on the boot size. of course Wendy will have an explanation couldn’t let that get out!! As Evelyn would say ” a Non-Factor. Congrats!!! Evelyn You Go Girl!!! Way to gettem off you & yo business!!!

  6. Wendy or Wendell is a talk show hostess. Her job is to talk about and to people. That’s her job like it or not. Comedians talk about people also that’s their job. Evelyn is a golddigger and that’s her job and she does it will. Example, basketball player, football player and baseball player…child pleaze!! You are what you are…she aint messing with a broke n…. but she is a golddigger…lmao. You got yours girl…go raise your baby and get paid.

  7. Wildflower on said:

    Truth hurt doesn’t it Evelyn? Wendy girl love you for telling it like it T I is! Don’t even bother your husband with that bullshit she’s lying cause we know if there was any truth to that it would have been sold to the tabloids by now. Evelyn will do anything for a dollar.

  8. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Wendy was probably telling the truth. So what? Has anyone seen that interview recently with kobe bryant where he dogs out Trayvon Martin? Check it out on NewsOne!

  9. Wendy really needs to stop… not a fan of her or her shoaw a all …she should focus on not looking like a man….and not talking about others ….she should have enough by now….WAY TO GO EVELYN…..GREAT REPLY….LOVED IT…..

  10. redbone 1954 on said:

    This is toooooo funny shade everywhere. Wendy won’t address it she is a coward and ugly to boot!!! I can’t wait until someone knocks her off her pedestal that she put herself on LOL!!!!!!

    • She didn’t put herself on that pedestal. Her audience did. And Big Foot is playing it for all it’s worth. Btw. Isn’t Lowzada a little long in the tooth to be sqirtin’ out sperm results?

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