Actor Columbus Short might be taking his role as one of Olivia Pope’s gladiators a little to seriously. The actor who plays Harrison Wright on the hit ABC drama “Scandal” is now being investigated by police after getting into a bar fight.

As the story goes, Short was at an L.A. establishment called Gabe’s Bar & Grill. He was celebrating the engagement of his friends. Things were going smoothly until Short got into an argument with a guy at the bar. The other bar patron was heard screaming rude things to Short like, “You might be richer than me but I get my girls to buy me everything I want including your wife.”When the actor heard that, he came from behind the guy and punched him in the face.

Columbus Short must pack a pretty mean punch because the guy was said to have gotten his nose broken from the punch and he was knocked unconscious for a few minutes as well. After Short clocked the dude, he left the bar immediately. Columbus Short’s 37-year-old opponent was taken to a nearby hospital and now cops are investigating Short for criminal battery.

This isn’t the first time Short has traded his white hat for his thug fitted. Columbus Short knocked a guy’s teeth out in March of 2010 during a basketball game where the two got into an argument.


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