According to Eben Gregory rapper Chi Ali, part of the “Native Tongues collective might just be the next member of the Love & Hip Hop New York cast.

Chi-Ali was a young teenager when he came into fame during the early 90′s. The “Road Runner” rapper made some real noise with the Native Tongues and then we didn’t hear from him anymore. Actually most fans had no idea why they stopped hearing from him. Many didn’t find out until he was released that he had completed a 12 year jail sentence for manslaughter.

He is currently working on new music (which we hear is really good!) and said to be in talks to release a book.

But what has us thinking there may be some validity to the L&HH rumors is that Chi Ali has been seen hanging out with Peter Gunz. And since he has such a compelling story…we could see the show’s producers wanting to get a hold of him for the show.

But until something is announced we’ll just have to wait and see!


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One thought on “Is Rapper Chi Ali The Next “Love & Hip Hop New York” Cast Member?

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