Family and friends of 17-year-old Johran McCormick gathered Sunday to say their final farewells to the slain teen, many wearing bow-ties to honor his memory.

“Honestly I don’t think it hit a lot of us yet that this is the reality of the situation,” cousin Khiron Woods told KHOU. “Anytime I talk about him I have to smile. Anytime anybody talks about him, anytime somebody has some sort of memory with him, it’s positive.”

As previously reported by NewsOne, the Houston father who fatally shot McCormick after discovering the teen in bed with his 16-year-old daughter will likely not face charges.

“What was going on in the person’s mind at the time of the shooting, [not] what they found out after the fact” is key, said Houston area prosecutor Warren Diepraam . “They’re looking at what he was thinking when he made the decision to shoot.”

McCormick was discovered around 2:30 a.m. after the girl’s younger brother noticed two feet sticking from underneath his sister’s bed and went to tell his father.

The father, who has not been identified, grabbed his gun and ran to his daughter’s room where he confronted who he thought was an intruder.

The girl initially lied and said that she did not know McCormick. The father and the teen argued and when it appeared that the boy was reaching for a gun, the father shot him in the head.

McCormick, who was unarmed, died at the scene.

His distraught mother, Zakia McCormick, is allegedly hoping that the girl’s father is charged with murder.

“If you take a life, you give your life,” Zakia McCormick said the Houston Chronicle. “We’re suffering. Why isn’t he suffering too?”

“I wish the father could have asked more questions, he could have picked up the phone,” said Shawn Curley, the teen’s father. “And for her to say she didn’t know who he was, that was most hurtful.”

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14 thoughts on “Funeral Held For Texas Teen Shot By Girlfriend’s Father [VIDEO]

  1. marteda on said:

    What happened was a tragedy for the young mans family.My prayers go out to them. The Father should have called the police. Why would you shoot someone in the head. So sad! The daughter and the son will have to live with what has happened for the rest of there lives. The Father need to pay for what he has done.

  2. carol brabson on said:

    The daddy could have wounded the child, not KILL, that would’ve scared him for life. The girl would be on punishment for LIFE!!! this is a travesty amoungst our people!! As if we don’t have enough other people killing our Black Teen young Men. WAAAAKE UP!!!!! as Lawrence Fishburn said on School Daze, PLEASE!!!

  3. this father should have not went and got a Gun, to kill this young man, he could have asked the young man what is your phone number where do you live, who are your parents, but to prove that he was this supposedly this ,great Father protecting his Lying daughter, they are teen agers, what did it take for this father to call his family 2 mins ,, 4 mins,, really and shot him in the head!,, what kind of parents are these, why do they go off at a drop of a Pan. they just seem like they are all on some kind of HYPED UP drug! or it must be something in the bottled water… he should be Charged with something I don’t what but he needs to pay for shooting him in the head and walking away,, these parents are SMOKING SOMEthing…. Peace and love be with his family,,,

  4. Cynthia turner on said:

    Well that young man was in armed so the father should be charged and this tragedy will haunt that lying daughter of his for the rest of her life and the brother too he knew what was going on and knew who he was what happened to calling this boys parents and we all sit down and talk about the consequences of their actions like that girl getting pregnant I hope for her sake she’s not!

  5. This is just insane, regardless of what they are doing is it worth a life been taking in cold blood, the man should have known that the daughter was lying since she was not the one that cried for help, this is just another wasted destiny, this is bullshit someone just takes a gun and pull the trigger it sucks is there no law in the USA anymore fuck……..

  6. taylormi on said:

    Truly sad…. They are only teenagers ……The young man didnt sneak in the house The adult should had used more wisdom and restraint… Young /adult Black teenage males continue to catch Hell from every side. End result no differant than whats happening all over this country from Florida to Chicago to D.C. Shame! Young Adult Black Male Genocide. Peace.

  7. How can anyone in thei, How can anyone in their right mind think that this situation is ok. Kids have unfortunately snuck into each other’s homes and snuck out long before this and will continue! Its what teenagers do, obviuosly he thought his daugther was snow white or something and instead of calling the police, he shot this boy cold-blooded!!! Instead thinking maybe my daugther snuck him in, let me get the police here, he was under the bed. They had words before he shot, all this time his daugther could have called the police!!! This climate of shoot now and ask questions later is appalling.. This handsome young man’s life is lost behind a hot-headed father and a Slut, lying daugther. She has his blood on her hands and this should haunt her and her hot-headed Father. Instead of telling the truth she lied and was 50% of this boy losing his life!!

    I hope the parents of this boy sue his ASS off!!! Its almost a rite of passage for teenagers to do teenage stuff but now they are losing their lives behind it!!! Come on people, think back to when your were a teenager, you might have been killed for something as simple as a part of growing up and not be who you are today!!!

    Sue this man and daugther!!!! Make her pay when she reaches the age of being held responsible.

    People need to think and use common sense. More people are killed by mess like this, then killing an intruder or someone doing something wrong!!

    Rest in peace! Johran.. My heart aches for this young man’s family.

    • I got some daughters and if you think they are sluts because they having sex like yo mama did so be it. But if I catch you in my house having fun with my daughter you gonna get it too…No not all teens was sneaking in peoples houses screwing their slut daughter. Some of us had more respect for your mama.

      • Sam you sound like a damm fool if your daughter let him in her bedroom check your hot ass daughter!

    • Get Right on said:

      That man did what he thought he had to do to protect his family especially considering both of his kids were labeling that boy and intruder. Who knows what was said during their exchange considering these kids nowadays have slick mouths and no respect (further proven by him being in that house). What it boils down to is what they man knew at that exact moment when he pulled the trigger. Yes he was being a teen but that man was just protecting his home. That daughter should be punished period. Let this be a lesson to all these young idiots running around being disrespectful and doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing. He should’ve been at home in the bed

      • Wildflower on said:

        Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Don’t act like for one minute that as a teen you haven’t done something that was against the rules. You never drank before the age of 21. Never had sex until you were married and only in a bed inside a house you owned. Get the fuck out of here with that these kids should know better. That young lady called and invited that young man over to her home and let him in. Why would he not think that it would be okay for him to go over there. And as far as the argument that supposedly happened during the incident all we know is what that hot head with a gun told the police and his lying as daughter. Just like with that clown that shot the young man in the car with the other teens for having the loud music. Luckily the other boys was in the car to give another account of what happened. Just like with George Z. We were only able to hear his story. Why is it okay to blame the victims ONLY if it’s not a rape victim?

  8. Camella Jenkins on said:

    This is very sad, the girl lied, both teens were wrong (girl and boy), the father reacted didn’t know who the boy was and now she will have to live with that lie for the rest of her life. Most teens do stuff like that but it’s a new day and people don’t mess around when a unknown person is their home in their home at 2:30 am hiding or in view, all the home owner is thinking is that it’s an intruder. Wow I hope teen who read this learned from it, a horrible thing to happen a dumb mistake on both teens.

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