These kids are working it out!

The latest cover of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” to go viral comes from elementary school kids in the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir.

Not only are their blended voices heavenly, but the choreography is cute and age-appropriate, and the two lead singers step forth and own it….definitely stars in the making.

Posted on YouTube by Edward Bone, whose daughter Aisha sings in the choir, here is the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir singing the Oscar-nominated hit “Happy.”


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6 thoughts on “Detroit School Choir Goes Viral with ‘Happy’ Cover [Watch]

  1. Ms. I.E. Collins on said:

    Finally! A song catches on that is cute, aligns with my taste as a music teacher, and has a good tune as well as a great message! I liked it instantly, and it is great for dancing by yourself, good exercise! IECollins

  2. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Pharrell should have let Detroit School Choir record it first. I read somewhere the song is on the soundtrack of the Despicable Me 2 movie.

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