Artist/producer Pharrell Williams can’t be stopped right now. After making every artist in the game tuck their whole summers in, Pharrell is getting into the fragrance business. The “Get Lucky” singer recently partnered with a Japanese fashion brand to create a unisex fragrance.

Williams and Japanese brand Comme des Garçons have teamed up to bring a fragrance called “G I R L” to the public. The product is set to debut sometime this fall and was obviously named after Pharrell’s hit new album.

Pharrell expressed his excitement about the new fragrance. “I am so honored to be working with Comme des Garçons and cherish the education that I’ve experienced in this collaboration.”

The brand is also very excited to partner with Pharrell. The chief executive of Comme des Garçons Parfum SA, Adrian Joffe said, “This is the first time we have created a fragrance for a musician, and I can think of no greater talent and no greater gentleman to have done this with. Pharrell knew exactly what he wanted the perfume to smell like right from the beginning. It has been an honor to work with such a creative artist with a great vision, which for Comme des Garçons is the most important thing.”

Since ‘G I R L’ is going to be a unisex scent, I have one question. Do men really want to smell like a ‘G I R L’?

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