Anyone expecting to see Vivica A. Fox on Jimmy Kimmel Live will have a long wait. During an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Sunday, Kimmel named the actress as the one guest he would never want back on his show. The ban stems from Fox’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September 2005. Fox was on Kimmel’s show to promote her Lifetime crime drama Missing.

According to reports, the interview was a disaster from start to finish. Kimmel kicked it off by making fun of Star Jones, a friend of Fox’s, as he introduced the entertainer. Although the comedian highlighted Fox’s accomplishments, he continued going at Jones when he concluded with, “…and most harrowing of all, Star Jones’ bridesmaid.”

From that moment on, Fox was tense and icy. The Set It Off star told Kimmel that she didn’t find his jokes about Jones funny.

“It goes both ways,” chided Kimmel, who tried to make things right. “I’m desperate to make this work. You know what? The four of us should get together — me, you, Star and [Star’s then-husband] Al [Reynolds].” Fox’s response: “You would get your a** kicked.”

At that point, Fox walked off the set, forcing Kimmel to spend the next segment focused on her empty chair. Kimmel says he thought Fox was on drugs during the interview, which conflicts with the actress’ longtime anti-drug stance.

Fox addressed Lamar Odom’s problem with drug abuse when she spoke to in October. “I hate to see this happen to him,” she said. “His wife really loves him. But drugs will mess you up.”

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21 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Vivica Fox Is The One Guest I’ll Never Have On Again’

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    However he insulted her by disrespecting her friend with a negative comment, she had a right to go into a self defense mode. Appearently it was a set up to see if she would go street oh his azz. We all know how she and her friends can go back to her (their) old street ways, but it didn’t work with him trying to push her button.

  2. Lee on said:

    Jimmy is a stupid ass for making negative comments about his guests. His head has gotten so blown up over his dull show. The only reason people watched was for two reasons. 1. To see the bands playing. 2. Nothing else was on. Now with Arsenio back and the nasty arrogant comments jimmy dumb ass made, his ratings are really going to drop. I will bet that a lot of artists will choose Arsenio’s show over stupid Jimmy’s. And I too never watched because he has these stupid skits that are NEVER funny. How the he’ll did he get a show anyways?? I can think of lots more interesting people to host a show. Jimmy just doesn’t have the talent. Like boiled chicken without salt.

  3. 123Lovie on said:

    This interview happened in 2005 according to the above story, and Vivica has not requested a repeat on Jimmy Kimmels show and I’m sure she has no intentions doing such, anywho apparently my girl has dismissed it and has not thought a minute pass that day back in 2005 so let it go Jimmy Kimmel and “FYI” that is what good friends do they don’t care if they our on some main stream media hype Vivica is known for keeping it raw real this guy better learn how to interview a real sista!

  4. cocoapuffs1995 on said:

    I don’t blame Ms. Fox! How dare he introduce her the way he did and keep at her about her friend. He must not know that us sisters stick together! I don’t watch his stupid show anyway!

  5. boazwife on said:

    I saw that segment, Ms. Fox had the right to defend her friend. Kimmel was WRONG. This is why today I don’t watch him. It’s not that he kicked her off because he didn’t, he was scared of her. He know what he did. I had hoped she walked off sooner – he’s an ass. Ms. Fox, decided already while she was talking with him – this will be the last time I’m on this jerks show. I don’t need this. So to set the record straight – she decided long before he said to have her band, she will NEVER be on his show again.

  6. As if she would want to come back on his show!! Hey Kimmel you are third in line. Jimmy Fallon will take her, but a real talk show is back on where she will always be invited!!! ARSENIO IS BACK!!!!

  7. Fran Jackson on said:

    I think jimmy K is a joke . He not funny and disrespectful.. Check the Head out bigger than the body
    Fox never needed him. She a good friend

  8. Deelyght on said:

    No Ms.Fox was sticking up for her friend.Comedians need to realize not all jokes are funny. Ms. Fox checked his ass now he wants slander her name like that. That’s foul Jimmy.

  9. Deelyght on said:

    Jimmy Kimmel wanted to make a statement guess she was on drugs statement no Ms.Fox stood up for her friend. Some comedians need to realize everything is not funny. So his ass got checked.

  10. hotlanta on said:

    Viv as usual SET IT OFF and he is mad because she doesn’t need him for her career. She kept it real and told him to his face and not behind his back.

  11. Jimmy Kimmel needs to recognize that being a talk show host doesn’t give license to be crude, rude & disrespectful, and he’s not even remotely funny either.

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