94-year-old Dorothy Farrell was beaten to death with her own cane by her 64-year-old son named Mark, reports The New York Daily News.

According to Mark Farrell, the killing was his mother’s idea. He told police she asked him to kill her because “She wanted to die and be with her dead husband.”

But that’s not all he did, The New York Daily news also reports, “Farrell also confessed to covering her face with a pillow to “silence her” before striking her with the cane, court records show.”

He murdered her on March 3. She died in the Kings County Hospital located in NYC.

Mr. Farrell was charged with murder.

6 thoughts on “Son Beats 94-Year-Old Mother to Death with Her Own Cane

  1. Not only is he a murderer, he’s a dumb fuck of a murderer. Hope someone beats him with something – anything until he loses the ability to control his bowels and ceases to effectively use oxygen.

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