The DNA results show…he is NOT the father!

Brandon Howard initially claimed Michael Jackson’s DNA proved he was his father. TMZ  reports the lab results were false.

A manager at the lab Howard went to in L.A. tells TMZ,’s Alki David’s people took the dental mold to the lab, along with a water bottle, a black towel, and cigarette butts to test them.  Alki’s people told the lab the other items contained the DNA from Jermaine and Tito.

The lab report shows no DNA was recovered from Howard’s dental mold, therefore the test could not be performed.   The only one that had any DNA was the black towel, which showed no relation.

The bottom line: Brandon Howard has no relation to the Jackson family.



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3 thoughts on “No DNA In Dental Mold, Michael Jackson Is NOT Brandon Howard’s Father!

  1. You know, just because the DNA tests results were fake doesn’t mean MJ is not Brandon’s father. Brandon IS a Jackson. A few months ago, Brandon and Corey Feldman were on Sways radio show, and while Brandon was in the room, Corey Feldman blurted that Brandon is a Jackson. Brandon must’ve given Corey the “OK” to say that because Brandon didn’t dispute it. When Sway kept asked Brandon if Mike was his father, he wouldn’t say anything.

    Secondly, Miki Howard has come forward and stated that she is not allowed to disclose information on the matter because there is a non-disclosure agreement, which is basically a legal contract and if breached, could result in serious legal consequences. Now why would there be a non-disclosure agreement if there wasn’t something to hide? Why is his last name Howard if Auggie Johnson is his father? Brandon has a brother with the last name Johnson, yet Brandon doesn’t. Now why is that? Miki Howard, Brandon’s mother, used to drop Brandon off at the Jackson’s house during summers, weekends, and sometimes throughout the school year when he was growing up. As a matter of fact, Miki Howard once lived with the Jackson’s back in the late 70s/early 80s while Michael was living there. Brandon used to attend the Dangerous album recording sessions with Michael and he was on the set of the “Remember The Time” video.

    You all want so badly for Brandon to not be Michael’s son because it doesn’t fit your mental image of Michael. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but Michael was a normal, red-blooded man and he was human like the rest of us. When it comes to celebrities, there is their public image and there is their true persona that we don’t get to see most of the time.

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