Holy Crap, Batman!

The results are in for Brandon Howard’s claim of being fathered by Michael Jackson.

Organizers of a DNA test confirmed Thursday that the test proved the late music legend is Howard’s biological father.

But wait a minute, as our headline says, TMZ is claiming the test is a sham. OK, more about that further down. But first, here’s what the NY Daily News is reporting :

The results of the test were revealed by Dr. Joseph Goodman, a Beverly Hills dental surgeon who claimed he obtained a sample of Jackson’s DNA from a dental device that belonged to the vocalist and was purchased by Goodman at auction.

Howard, who is said to be the child referenced in Jackson’s classic 1982 hit “Billie Jean” with the line ‘The kid is not my son,” wasn’t present for the big reveal but confirmed in a Facebook post that he gave a DNA sample for the test.

The test, as mentioned by the Daily News, indicated that the “probability” of Jackson being a parental match was “99.9 percent.” The findings were announced at a press conference in Beverly Hills that was organized by shipping heir Alki David and streamed live on his website, FilmOn.com.

“I think we have the proof,” Goodman declared as David listened a few feet away.

Although the alleged paperwork was shown to some attendees at the press conference, it didn’t list the names of the test subjects nor did it name the lab that performed the analysis. David acknowledged the omissions as he mentioned that such tests are typically done anonymously and that other information was redacted as a security safeguard.

“I’m sure that there will be doubters and there will be haters and there will be those who create, build a controversy, but it is what it is,” he said.

While David, Howard and Goodman stand by the results, Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman was not sold.

“It sounds like a fraud to me,” Weitzman told the Daily News Thursday as noted Howard’s overall relevance in relation to Jackson. “I’ve never heard of the man. He’s never made any claims with the estate or with any recognized tribunal that I’m aware of.”

Although he admitted that Jackson is a big inspiration for his work, Howard claimed he had nothing to do with David’s press conference.

“I’ve never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson’s son,” he said Thursday in a Facebook video. “I’m definitely not suing the estate. I’m taken care of very well. And also, I make my own cash, okay?”

For more on the DNA test involving Michael Jackson and Brandon Howard, check out the NY Daily News.

OK, now that we got that out of the way, here’s the sham claim from TMZ:

As we reported, FilmOn.com‘s Alki David put on a spectacle Thursday — claiming he had DNA results proving singer B Howard was the biological son of the King of Pop. He then produced the results showing a “99.99999%” probability that MJ was Brandon’s dad.

TMZ obtained a photo of the DNA doc — allegedly from a testing facility in Ireland called “DNA Lab.” We searched high and low, but could find no such generic DNA lab in Ireland.

Skeptical, we investigated — a simple Google image search of “DNA results” turns up a bunch of sample docs with the same exact easily-stealable format as the one we got.

But the coup de grace — we then Google image searched “DNA logo” and  the first result … literally … was the same DNA pic used in the “DNA Lab” logo.

And that’s not even the best part — a reverse image search of the logo shows a bunch of results for “Terminator Salvation.” A little more digging revealed the logo was used on


11 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Confirmed as Brandon Howard’s Father Via DNA Test – But TMZ Claims it’s Bogus

  1. May be the may be son of Michael Jackson Brandon Howard needs to go to PATERNITY COURT TV like the Chi Lites son Darren.

    A Legendary Entertainers son from the Chi Lites Darren want to protect his father legacy and stop exploitation to his legacy and a Merrionette, IL woman wants a DNA test to prove she is the daughter of a member of the Chi-Lites singing group and entitled to royalties.

    ALL NEW Wednesday On PATERNITY COURT: “A Music Star’s Paternity Question – DNA Test Reveals All.” http//www.EntertainersAgainstCorruptionMagazine.com

  2. Dania on said:

    People, to be honest, yes he looks like a jackson, but Michaels Face…is not totally the same like Jermaine or one of them. He looks like Michael!! and his Mother? look at her, she has also a very similar face like LaToya, so in my opinion it is Michael’s son! And god, I am so glad that there is somebody like MJ that comes from the same family! in his clip he made me cry!! ps. look at his Facebook page, there is a photo with LaToya in September 2013 and somebody wrote, oh what a nice photo with your aunty… MJ-RIP love you forever!!!

  3. debi upshaw on said:

    Why don’t we as compassionate ppl allow Michael 2 rest in peace, stop trying 2 drag his name through the dirt. when his Father is the one who messed up, stop trying 2 make Michael pay 4 mistakes that r not his. May he continue 2 rest in peace.

  4. christy on said:

    I think Daniel is on to something. It is nice to know that B.howard isn’t the one asserting these claims. He does look and sing like Michael, but he sings like all the other jacksons. I also think that Howard has the facial features of Micheal post-plastic surgery… many people look like MJ, so real conclusive DNA testing is needed. The Jackson clan is huge, it can be anyone, so people shouldn’t jump to conclusions. I am wondering why his mother doesn’t know who his father is, that is a shame.

  5. Wow he looks like Michael..hmmm wait a minute now if the child has a high pitched voice..then 4 sure he’s Michael’s. .We don’t know what Michael did behind closed doors..men leave or don’t claim children all the time. He very well could possibly be.

    • msyellarose on said:

      I was wondering the same thing. It may be possible that his father is a Jackson, but I’m certain Miki Howard can tell him which one. Besides, why do these things come up years and more years after the fact? Let MJ rest in peace, geez.

  6. Daniel Asamota on said:

    This boy is Joe Jackson’s kid. He could be Michael’s it’s possible, but I believe that he’s either Michael Jackson’s brother, or his knephew. For his mother Miki Howard was once managed by Joe Jackson and did a duet with Jermaine Jackson. By his own admission he made regular visits to the Jackson family compound and look at him; even if he’s not Michael’s son HE’S DEFINITELY A JACKSON! HE EVEN SINGS LIKE THEM! Not just like Michael, like Jermaine, or Tito’s son or any one of them!

    • Stone on said:

      There are dozens of professional Michael Jackson impersonators that look like him and “even sing like him”.. does that mean that Michael is their father too?

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