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march17-tamar-braxtonIf you don’t know anything about Tamar Braxton, please know she will throw shade like a grenade without hesitation. The Grammy nominated singer recently threw some shade at an employee and then fired them on Instagram.

Although Tamar hasn’t given full details of the reason behind the unnamed employee’s termination, she blasted the person in front of her newly acquired million followers. Tamar posted a tweetgram saying, “U can always tell when someone gets caught lying. They get quiet as a chuch mouse. #onlytrustJesus.”

She went on to allude to the person getting to big for their britches after getting a little taste of success. Tamar followed up the aforementioned post with another cryptic post. “I HATE when people try and act GRAND now that they feel like they “made it” ….when we met you had 1 client!!! Now you have “contracts” and a “manager”….but you have 5 clients….4 clients cause I’m sleep,” Tamar posted.

We checked their respective Instagram pages and none of the people on her team that we get to see on her reality shows “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar & Vince” have responded. So we’re thinking their jobs are safe at the moment.


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Tamar Braxton Snatches Employee’s Job On Instagram [PHOTOS] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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