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Celibacy is a topic that isn’t discussed often, but with the rising number of  people choosing celibacy who still have a desire to interact with the  opposite sex, this topic is becoming a highlight of conversations. During celibacy, a person chooses to refrain from sexual  intercourse and any activity that may lead to sex for reasons usually  associated with personal or spiritual development.

Some people who decide to take this vow choose to refrain from interacting with the  opposite sex all together to avoid temptation, but for those who seek  companionship, cutting themselves off from the world isn’t an option.

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Interacting with the opposite sex during celibacy can be a difficult thing,  especially when faced with an undeniable sexual energy. However, refraining  from sex while building a relationship with someone can create intimacy  and a true understanding of who your love interest really is.

If you are looking for answers about how to interact with the opposite sex during celibacy, here are a few tips on how to make these  encounters work!

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Always meet in public places.

Meeting in public places will keep the date from moving towards soft  body caresses and lip locking. Having to interact with your love  interest in a public setting with a multitude of strangers will put your  mind at ease from worrying about getting involved in something physical, and the scenery can add to your range of topics for conversation.

Keep conversations away from sex.

When engaging in conversations, try to stay clear of topics that will bring  up the subject of sex. That includes complimenting your love interest on his or her erogenous body parts (booty, breasts, lips, chest, pelvic  area). When sexual energy is strong between two people, it is easy to  drift off into sexual talk. Always have a casual subject to revert  to when you feel the conversation may be heading into a direction that  you feel may have a negative influence on your celibacy commitment.

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