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One of our favorite TV shows that follows the lives of super hot professional football players and their wildly gorgeous Sunbeams is headed back to the screen for another season. BET’s “The Game” premieres (March 4th) at 9pm and…WE. ARE. EXCITED!

Our insiders tell us that there’s plenty of juicy drama to watch this season. Between Blue and Keira’s on and off, and then back on again, relationship, to Jason’s ex-wife, Kelly returning to the show–we will be glued to our couches with snacks and sassy tweets ready!

Because #TeamBeautiful is all about keeping you in the know, here’s an exclusive clip to get you (and us) super excited for the premiere tomorrow.

Check it out.

Watch A Sneak Peek Of BET’s “The Game” [VIDEO] was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

One thought on “Watch A Sneak Peek Of BET’s “The Game” [VIDEO]

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