Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day is Monday, March 3rd.

Buying a Shoe Pin supports thousands of women across the US.

Last year 500 pins were purchased and that assisted the organization in helping mothers, daughters, sisters and friends in the following ways:

-Drive women to their doctors appointment when they had no one to take them.

-Send roses to cancer patients to shed light on a dark situation.

-Pay for a CAT scan, when their insurance would not pay.

-Buy groceries for women who’ve spent all their money on cancer treatments.

-Cover mortgage payments, so a Triple Negative Breast Cancer patient has a place to live.

-Send support cards to cheer women’s spirits.

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of Triple Step Toward the Cure organization.  This effort is championed by Denise Pines, and the family of the late Sheryl Flowers (former producer of the Tavis Smiley radio show), who lost her battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer just over 5 years ago when she was in her early forties.   But each action taken today helps keep her spirit alive in countless other women every day.

How you can help others today:

-Buy a Shoe pin, like the new Bling Shoe Pin:

-If you have a pin, take a creative ‘selfie’ photo wearing your shoe pin and post to Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram with the hashtags:  #pins4apurpose #tnbcday2014 #triplestep4cure #triplenegativebreastcancer.  For those of you on Twitter and/or Instagram who are not yet following the organization, the handle is @TripleStep4Cure.

On Monday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid will be wearing a pin and mentioning TNBC Day on her new show, The Reid Report.  A Twitter chat along will also take place with Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

Los Angeles area residents are asked to drop in with their friends and family on March 3, 2014 to eat lunch at Veggie Grill El Segundo on Monday.  50% of the lunch proceeds will be donated to Triple Step. For more information on this worthy cause, go to:

“Fighting For the Cure of Triple Negative Breast Cancer With Every Step”

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