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Uh oh, Ms. Chaka Khan did not appreciate the comparison to Beyoncé at all.

The 60-year-old red-headed beauty isn’t the first “old school” diva that’s not exactly Beyoncé friendly. Remember when Aretha Franklin went in on her for calling Tina Turner “the queen?”

How about when the late Etta James let the world know how pissed she was because it was Beyoncé instead of her singing ”At Last,” her signature song, at President Obama’s first term inauguration ball.

And now we have Chaka seemingly throwing shade Beyoncé’s way. It happened recently when an interviewer – while exchanging pleasantries with Ms. Khan – told her she looked “absolutely flawless, like Beyoncé.” Well, Chaka’s response says it all.

However, despite Khan’s interesting facial response, the diva denies shading Queen B, she tweeted:

“With my girl @Ledisi at the SHADE FREE @essencemag Black Women in Hollywood event. Did you catch that, tabloids?!?”

“@Beyonce Sorry you had to be the target of a slow news day. You know I have nothing but LOVE for you! Keep handling your business!!”

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23 thoughts on “Chaka Khan is NOT a Fan of Mrs. Carter – Watch Her Reaction to Beyoncé Comparison (Video)

  1. tmj4477 on said:

    Okay you can have your opinion on either Diva and that is fine. But what I find most disturbing is the media attention placed on two black women…once again not getting along. As the Senior Diva Ms. Khan should have been a little more dignified with her actions. She never looked this disgusted even when people talked to her about Whitney Houston’s or quite frankly her own drug use. Yes it sucks to be in the spotlight and yes it sucks that a lot people under 30 don’t know who you are but this is the profession you choose and as a black female (diva) she had to know that her reaction just seemed to reek of disdain (haterism) and I would think she would be better than that.

    • iann11 on said:

      I disagree 100%! Ms. Khan response was right on time, her response was that of a lot of people who REALLY know what a real true Diva is, and not some uneducated imitation. Why should she try to hide her disdain for this Ratchet chick????? I agree with MS. Khan, and support her reaction 100%

  2. Veronica on said:

    Look like Chaka Kahn has some haterism in her game. She turned up her nose. Beyonce maybe a lot of things. I looked all the whores and slut she was called for no reason. You don’t ever see any other race talk about each other more than black people, just like crabs in a basket. BLACK PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE A NATION! She maybe all those names but she’s a multimillionaire and not hurting for nothing.

  3. WillowFan on said:

    I don’t think Ms. Khan was hating on Beyonce, I think the interviewer showed his immaturity/uninformed knowledge of music by making a comparison, as if it were a compliment. Like other greats (Etta, Aretha, Tina, Diana, etc.) they/thier careers stand on thier own and need not be compared to anyone. But when you have interviewer’s with no depth, Beyonce becomes thier own frame of reference, unfortunately, they have a mic.

  4. awards speak for themselves, Beyonce have them. The girl is holding. She’s selling music. Chaka has had her time.

    • iann11 on said:

      Sorry pia, but you have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Ms. Khan will always be relevant because she has and always will have true diva talent. This thang called beyonce can only bump and grind because there isn’t any real substance and certainly no real talent there. But I understand you’re probably of today’s younger generation, who know absolutely nothing about real singer’s and real women, but stick around, live a little and that wisdom will come to you one day!!!!!

    • tewdeeq on said:

      (Beyonce’s) bumping and grinding is not music. What she (and the other younger generations claiming to be able to sing or act) gets her awards for is doing this to make money for Hollywood and the “music” industry, which is no longer about art or talent (real music).

    • tewdeeq on said:

      Beyonce’s) bumping and grinding is not music. What she (and the other most of the younger generations claiming to be able to sing or to be talent) gets her awards for is doing this to make money for Hollywood and the “music” industry, which is no longer about art or talent (real music).

      Chaka Khan”s time is not ever going to be “over” . Her talent, music and singing has already stood the test of time. Like Etta James as well, otherwise why would Beyonce want to try to sing a classic song of Etta James in the White house.

      Why didn’t Beyonce pick one of her own songs to sing at the inauguration ball in the White House, with all of that “talent” and those awards?

    • I still buy Chaka’s music for my collections. You couldn’t pay me to listen to Bouncy’s warbling. Chaka’s time ain’t nearly up. Trust that. I don’t judge talent by monetary value. If I did I’d have a whole collection of Tiny Tim. He was rich. Chaka’s music will endure. Bouncy will be forgotten the minute a new naked, younger, tighter ass bursts onto the scene. Were it not for videos and live soft porn onstage concerts, Bouncy couldn’t sell a cd out of the trunk of a car. I’ve never seen Chaka live and don’t remember ever seeing her on a music video. I don’t know her monetary worth, but I do know the amazing sound that is Chaka.

    • tewdeeq on said:

      It’s good that you are old school. But be aware that as we grow older our ability to hear can change, and as we grow more elderly, we may even become more hard-of-hearing.

  5. iann11 on said:

    You cannot compare a slut, untalented, non educated female such as beyonce to a Real, Classy, Multi-Talent Woman such as Ms. Chaka Khan!!!! Ms. Khan has more talent in the tip of her pinky than this beyonce thing has in her whole body!!! And Ms. Khan is NOT a catty women, she just knows real talent, real class, and self respect when she sees it. The problem with the young girls today is they have no real, classy, self respecting Mother’s in their lives, that’s why they cling to the beyonce types, because of no Real role models in their homes. So it’s very easy to see why young females cling to the beyonces, the nicky minajs, the miley cyrus, the ciaras, the rihannas,. Young men and women wouldn’t know real talent if it walk up to them and Sings for them. And that’s a travesty!!!!!

  6. Amber on said:

    Why do women have to hate on another woman who is successful? Typical catty, jealous, nonsense. As for comparing Chaka to Beyonce’s song, BLAME THE REPORTER, NOT Beyonce for doing that to Chaka. The RePORTER did it,NOT Beyonce. I knew sooner or later it was going to come a time where Beyonce was going to get trashed. WHat they say about people, “Build you up in order to tear you down”.

    • tewdee Q on said:

      How is it possible to “trash” Beyonce when that what she puts out is trash as far as music is concern and trash is especially an understatement as to the lewd dances or dancing movement she does to distract listeners from the horrible singing.

  7. I think you got it wrong (artidle), the reporter says “you look absolutely flawless….like Beyonce’s SONG…” It sounds like the reference is to a song not a comparison to Mrs. Carter. It’s hard to know what the eye roll was all about, but maybe she heard the reference like everyone else….incorrectly Just play the video back, the reporter really was pointing out how beautiful she looked….No need to cast shade where there isn’t any.

    • WillowFan on said:

      If he wanted to say she looked beautiful, wonderful, stunning, flawless, etc. – then he should have simply said that without any reference to Beyonce or a Beyonce song. I believe we heard flawless in the movie “Waiting to Exhale” (1995). Are we saying, now we can’t talk unless referencing one of her songs – show some respect. Or maybe this is how younger people need to assert that they are younger than the person being interviewed. In any event, poor choice of words, at the very least.

  8. tewdeeq on said:

    There is no reason for anyone to want be associated with Beyonce. First, she can’t sing, period, whether destroying a song sung by Etta James or making up one of her own. For the “old school” or the real music lovers, raunchy, lewd dance movements do not replace the art or soul of REAL music or singing.

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