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The rumor mill is buzzing this week after reports surfaced that Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan have a celebrity feud brewing.

If you noticed during Hudson’s 2013 Soul Train Awards performance of “Indescribable” with Evelyn “Champagne” King and Ms. Khan; Khan performed on a separate stage across from Hudson and King.

According to a source close to the event, the move was intentional per Khan’s request. She reportedly did not want to share the stage with Hudson.

Of course, this rumor has not been officially confirmed by either party but it was a strange set-up for a performance; so there might be some truth to the rumor.

This isn’t the first time an alleged feud has been reported between the two.  In 2012, the two powerhouses were set to perform Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” together during the Grammy’s tribute to the late singer but Khan backed out of the performance citing grief.

However, many people believed Hudson’s involvement in the performance had something to do with Khan’s decision to drop out.

Do you think there is a beef? If so, what could it be about?

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One thought on “Do Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan Have Beef? (REPORT)

  1. I have never liked Jennifer Hudson, I feel she was raised to the entertainment business was to quick, she did not sing the song well at all, & she is just not one of my favorite entertainers, but Chaka has been around for awhile & I can & do relate to all her music, Chaka will always be a celebrity & a legand, Jennifer has only just begun, so she should stay in her lane for now, she ain’t all that!!

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