In the wake of Spike Lee going off in a public rant about the gentrification (SEE HERE) of his Brooklyn neighborhood, somebody has gone and vandalized the famed director’s childhood home and the house next door.

According to reports, vandals spray painted the stoop of Lee’s former childhood home in Fort Greene on Friday. Even more damage was done to the house next door; a window was smashed and “Do the Right Thing” was spray-painted on the first floor.


“I was very angry about that,” said Dianne Mackenzie, who lives in that home. “It’s mindless and it’s senseless, and it’s pretty stupid.”

On ther other hand, Mackenzie wouldn’t say whether she thought the crime, which police are investigating, was a reaction to Lee’s tirade.

“They can speculate all you want, but I don’t know why,” Mackenzie said. “It’s not something that happens in this neighborhood. It’s not usual.”

As we reported, Spike Lee’s outspoken comments created controversy last week when he said that longtime Brooklyn residents, and other New York City neighborhoods, were being pushed out by people with “Christopher Columbus Syndrome.”

“You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart,” the director told an audience Tuesday at the Pratt Institute in Fort Greene.

(Photo: Twitter)

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