Jill Scott Shows Off Amazing New Bod

jill scott

Yasss! Jilly from Philly has officially joined Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian in the snatched waist crew. Jill posted a picture on Twitter with the caption “Yes yes I know,” and if you haven’t figured it out, the buxom songstress was showing off her killer curves and we likey!

Jill, who’s cast in the James Brown biopic, has been hard a work on slimming down. Last year she dropped 63 pounds and apparently the weight’s been falling off. “I’ll never be a stick figure,” she said about embracing her healthier lifestyle but wanted change. “I’d walk up nine steps and be out of breath!,” she told TheYBF.

Looking great Jill!

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One thought on “AM BUZZ: Miley To Blame For Paula & Robin’s Separation?; Jill Scott’s Amazing Weight Loss & More…

  1. I really enjoy the fact that you are sharing encouraging information.
    I read comments from different posting from you and people what ask you for suggestions on getting started.
    Well getting a healthier body first starts with the inner man and a plan. I like how one nutritionist said you have to take away 7 foods and replace them with 7 healthier foods. It didn’t take a day to create poor eating habits so it won’t take a day to do the opposite.
    Some of the things I replaced in my personal diet was breakfast. I used to eat a small meal, now I enjoy a healthy protein drink. I used to drink coffee and sodas ALOT but now I drink greens.
    So change is definitely going to be different for everyone, my encouragement is to start and make it a challenge.

    “”http://bodywrappd.com”” weight loss

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