Miley To Blame For Paula & Robin’s Separation?

miley cyrus

Remember when Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMA’s and sent the Internet into a frenzy, thus launching Mileys “Wrecking Ball” career? We were all pretty appalled by her and Robin’s behavior (after all, he is a married man) but there was one person, Paula Patton (his wife) who seemed to be unphased by Miley’s dancing bones. She dismissed the performance and chalked it up to it all being apart of showbiz.

It turns out, she may have just been fronting for cameras. Sources close to Paula and Robin told TMZ that Paula felt “utterly disrespected” by the performance and the couple got into a big fight over it. To make matters worse, Robin was seen squeezing another woman’s booty at an after-party.

While Robin is trying to save their marriage, and rushed to be by his wife’s side after she told him she wanted out, we’re not sure if it’s repairable.

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One thought on “AM BUZZ: Miley To Blame For Paula & Robin’s Separation?; Jill Scott’s Amazing Weight Loss & More…

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