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Gabrielle Union opened up about the process of healing after being raped at gunpoint on yesterday’s episode of “The View.” Along with promoting the big season finale of “Being Mary Jane,” the actress said she learned to reject the word “victim” and embrace being a survivor.

“I got sick of people letting me off the hook. Being a victim is so comfortable,” she said. “People give you attention, people are nurturing, they’re basically what you’ve wanted your whole life without something bad happening. So, when something catastrophic happens in your life, everyone rallies around you. You’re getting all of the attention and love and support that you’ve always wanted, but it’s not for something positive. And I hated that. I hated feeling like a victim. I hated the cloak of victimhood.”

She went on to say, “They were going to allow me to be a victim and not success and not achieve any of my goals and not step outside the box. I want to embrace being a survivor. Because that’s who I am. I wasn’t raised to be coddled. I was raised to be an independent woman, standing on my own two feet.”

The horrific ordeal took place when Union, who got engaged to NBA star Dwyane Wade in December, was just 19 and an employee at a Payless show store.

Listen to her awe-inspiring words in the video clip below.

Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Healing From Rape: ‘I Hated Feeling Like A Victim’ was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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