Apollo Nida says he was not cheating on his wife, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks, when he was spotted in South Carolina on Valentine’s Day weekend with another woman.

According to TMZ, Apollo says the woman was his friend’s sister…a bartender at the club where he was paid to appear. Nida says it’s all perfectly harmless. The majority of his fan base is made up of women, so naturally that’s who he parties with, he told the websit.

He insists he’s 100% faithful, and there are no sex tapes, no naked pics, no pregnant baby mama to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile, Apollo faces federal charges for bank fraud and identity theft.

5 thoughts on “Apollo Nida Denies Cheating on Phaedra Parks During Valentine’s Day Weekend

  1. Anntrina on said:

    Open your eyes Phaedra before it’s too late. I think you married him for his looks. You are a beautiful and smart woman, don’t let your sons grow up to follow there dad foot steps. Strip Clubs, and prison and texting other women in face is wrong.

  2. Anntrina on said:

    Well let me be real, I see a divorce for these two coming. This is a nice looking brother with issues. He is only using Phaedra. I wish the best for the both of them, but looking at the show every week I can clearly see trouble.

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