Is there an art and science to communicating with your man?  Find out as Deya Gets Direct with Communications Expert Zakiya Larry.

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13 thoughts on “Girlfriend FM: Zakiya Larry

  1. Melia Houston on said:

    Speak Ms. Larry!!! We also must remember that although your MAN is not your CHILD, you must still address things with him in real time. Because like children they move on to the next thing very quickly! You can’t reprimand a child a week after they’ve done something inappropriate and expect their behavior to change when their punishment/lesson learned/teachable moment doesn’t proceed the “offense”. Looking forward to future videos from you !!!

  2. Victoria on said:

    “What you affirm gets repeated”. Great point! Awesome, insightful advice! I definitely look forward to hearing more tips & advice from you such as how to get a promotion, how to keep it real without being seen as aggressive, etc.

  3. Such keen insight! I love how you break down the example of ‘how’ to win at communicating in a romantic relationship. This info is often overlooked and the absence of its application can lead to a relationship’s demise. Good stuff!!

  4. Rachel S. on said:

    This video really spoke to my spirit. The message that there’s power of life-and-death in the tongue keeps coming up and your message makes me see that this applies to relationships as well. Thank you! I look forward to part 2!

  5. Marina Barnes on said:

    Zakiya, you hit it the nail on the heafl. I would love to pick your brain. Ive know you for a few years and you have always been very polished and very intelligent. This was a great topic. Choosing more wisely is very important. I really enjoyed this discussion. I almost wish I was there. Great Job!!

  6. Katrinna on said:

    Great reminders and food for thought…even as married women! We get very comfortable and so focused on the kids that we forget to affirm our men!

  7. Pat Bailey on said:

    Fantastic video. What you say is soooooo true. You must make a man feel useful, needed, validated in order for him to feel like a real man. Even if he isn’t doing everything right, but at least he is trying. Great job Zakiya.

  8. Absolutely love that thought: “know the difference between ‘keeping it real vs. keeping yourself unmarried'” #PowerThought

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