Actress Gabourey Sidibe is no stranger to cyber bullies. As recently as the Golden Globe awards, she had to deal with an onslaught on criticism on social media regarding her fashion choices that night. Roland Martin caught up with Sidibe in Los Angeles ahead of the 45th NAACP Image Awards to find out how she deals with her haters.

“I feel like they’re talking about me because I’m busy,” says Sidibe. “That stuff does hurt my feelings because I’m a human being. I’m not a weak, sensitive person. Im merely a person…I have to tell myself sometimes, ‘These strangers are saying things about you but look around you. You are in your dream. You’re in everybody else’s dream. You’re living a really good life and you’re happy’.”

Sidibe says when she lashed back at her critics the night of the Golden Globes it was because she felt like reminding herself and her critics of that.

Listen to Sidibe’s full interview with Roland Martin.

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4 thoughts on “‘Precious’ Star Addresses Her Haters

  1. I wish people wouldn’t tease her, but I wish she would lose the weight for health reasons…That’s why I watch what I eat…for MY health

  2. People feel that it’s their right to bully and make fond of a person because of their looks, but I have to say this, Precious, I don’t know your health history, but I do know for sure that your weight limits your life! Get on board by losing weight so that you can live a long and healthy one. One thing for sure, Precious has a BEAUTIFUL complexion!

  3. This young lady catches hell all the time and it breaks my heart. I give her credit for being tough and dealing with and in a business that simply isn’t designed for her. What I would say to her, if I could, is to press on even when the haters try to stop you. Read Ms. Hattie McDaniels’ biography (if you haven’t already) and embody her spirit. Remember that she was the FIRST African American to win and Academy Award 64 years ago in 1940 and she wasn’t the typical Hollywood type either. What she was and remains is a fantastic talent. One of our best. So, press young lady, press on..

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