Apollo Nida just caught a break from the Atlanta courts.

A judge has granted his request to delay his identity theft and fraud trial until March, reports Radar Online.

In court documents that were filed on February 14 and obtained by Radar, a federal judge wrote, “The Court finds that the ends of justice served by granting the motion to continue outweighs the public’s and defendant’s interest in a speedy trial. Specifically, this delay will allow the parties time necessary to discuss a resolution of the allegations.”

Nida filed a request asking for the delay on February 10, claiming that a postponement would allow him more time to go over the government’s case against him before deciding whether to proceed with a trial or accept some kind of a plea deal.

Nida is facing several years in prison over allegations that he stole unsuspecting victims’ identities through a shady business empire and then used that information to open fake bank accounts for cashing stolen checks.

Though his wife, Phaedra Parks was involved with several of his businesses, according to evidence unearthed by Radar, she has not been charged or even named in connection with the case.

The trial will continue on March 25.

2 thoughts on “‘RHOA’: Judge Grants Apollo Nida’s Request to Delay Trial

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    He’s a train wreck ready to derail at any moment. He was single and out partying that same weekend of Feb. 14th and posting Insta gram pics of himself with other women doesn’t look like he’s meeting with his legal team to discuss his case.

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