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19-year-old American figure skater Jason Brown twirled, danced and dipped to Prince‘s “The Question of U” during his routine at the 2014 Sochi Games.

But that’s not it, the Chicago native also rocked the music legend’s favorite color and had his infamous symbol stitched on the back of his garment.

Brown earned a score of 86.00 which landed him in sixth place.

What do you think of the routine?

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3 thoughts on “Figure Skater Jason Brown Skates to Prince’s ‘The Question of U’ [WATCH]

  1. He’s absolutely adorable, incredibly entertaining and completely gay – but definitely a prize in the American skating world! Have high, high, high hopes for his future!!!

  2. Awesome!! He puts all the attitude and flair of Prince in that skate. Most figure skaters just focus on jumps and don’t include all these moves and choreography to fit the music. Just awesome. Love him!

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