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They may be more glamorous, flamboyant personalities but Wendy Williams and Queen Latifah don’t rule the daytime yet. The woman who does? Judge Judy, who is number one in daytime for the past four years with her syndicated self-titled show and her highly sensitive B.S. detector.

Judy Sheindlin, now 71, a former Family Court judge in New York City, has been on the air 18 seasons and after 14 straight seasons of daytime Emmy nominations with no win, the show earned its first Emmy last year.

Judy has a new show on the way called Hot Bench that aims to add to her successful run. The format will be three judges deliberating case from their three very different points of view. In a real courtroom, a “hot bench” according to Judy, is a judge that really knows their material and asks probing questions of the lawyers. So lawyers approaching a “hot bench” know they need to come with their cases well-prepared, thus the designation of the bench as hot.

“Life is about adventure and trying something new but not so far out of the box that it’s something strange to you,” Judge Judy told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “I’m trying my hand at creating a new court program and I think that we’ve hit a winner. They are fabulous legally trained minds that I think the public will embrace. It’s been really a joy for me to be involved in a new project. Life is about recreating yourself and keeping things fresh and new.”

Judy handpicked the three judges, including one she says is just like her, but “younger and blonder.” But bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd is staying with her, Judy assured Tom. The former real-life bailiff is the longest-running bailiff on  TV courtroom shows.He got the job when sent Sheindlin, who he’d worked with previously in New York, a congratulatory letter telling her he’d look good on TV. She obviously agreed.

“Byrd works enough. We don’t like to overtax Byrd. If you notice, he hardly wants to walk over and get evidence for me anymore. He looks annoyed if I ask him for information. If I ask him for the Blue Book value of the car, he says ‘Why not walk over and do it yourself?’ We have a lovely female bailiff this time, who worked in the Los Angeles court system.”

Hot Bench starts in the fall. Check your local listings.

7 thoughts on “Judge Judy Heats Up Daytime With New Show

  1. VBucGreen on said:

    From what I have seen, Judge Judy is an equal opportunity judge. The clients that go before her, I believe are paid and no amount of money is worth going before Judge Judy, especially when you know you are in the wrong and will get caught up in your lies.

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    It’s hard for me to believe that more people would want to come in front of this ignirant woman yelling at people and accusing them of some of lying etc. How would she know she is not even listening to what they are saying. I do not and would NEVER watch her. i worked in a courtroom for 16 years as a court baliff and I worked for a Black female judge. She never talked to defendents like that way because the majority of them were Black the respect should go both ways as far as I am concerned

    • There is a difference between real court and television court, the key word being TELEVISION. I remember watching an episode of the ‘Judge Karen’ show, and there was a young lady who came before her with a lawsuit against a man who she claimed used her for her stripper money. The judge dismissed her case because she admitted she ‘bought’ the guy. The girl threw a hissy fit, and was snotting and crying up a storm. When the judge got her to calm down, she let her know that she could get away with that behavior on television, but if she were behaving that way in her court in Florida she’d be in trouble. The cases may be real, but it’s still television. I’ve see Judge Judy go off on everybody for stepping to her knowing that they’re lying and unprepared, be they white, black, puerto rican, and anything else. Considering that she’s been a judge for over 40 years, I’m quite sure her B.S. detectors are kinda on point.

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