3. Eat Dense Foods

Instead of binging out on junk food, the best way to put on the extra weight is to include carb, protein, and fat-heavy items into your diet. Dried fruits are a great example for this. The portions are a lot smaller due to the waterless content. A cup of fresh grapes = about a quarter cup of raisins. Remember, the goal is to be healthy, so steer clear of dried fruits with added sweeteners and preservatives.

“For another nourishing, power-packed snack, fold rolled oats, dark chocolate chips and minced dried fruit into almond butter – spoon out portions about the diameter of a quarter, roll them into little balls, wrap in wax and paper, and snack on them throughout the day.”

4. Blend It UP

Try juicing. Liquid isn’t as filling, therefore allowing you to comfortably consume more without the added bloat.   Try 100% fruit smoothies.

5. Snack Before Bedtime

Make sure you eat a healthy snack before you hit the sack. This gives your body an extra boost of nutrition, while its hard at work to repair and regenerate your muscle and tissue. Some simple options are whole-grain pasta salad, chopped vegetables, beans, chicken breast, and organic cheese.

5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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