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02/05/14- Reverend Al Sharpton encourages people to look beyond the typical names celebrated during Black History Month. Instead, he asks people to dig deeper and to teach friends and family about the unsung black history makers.

A Tribute to Famous Firsts: Part I
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5 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Discusses Forgotten Names in Black History

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  3. Rayar Johnson on said:

    To The King’s Children

    With all the world watching the King’s children grow-up, with all the added in-house values taught by Dr. King . How dare you disgrace his legacy with fueds over money.
    Children through internet searches, want to know more about Dr. King and pops up your names in a negative light; in the shadows of the torch. Dr. Martin Luther King is a inspiration to so many; none of his words and his deeds inspire you enough to handle whatever situation in peace and love.
    This is descipble behavior. I am ashamed for you. Dr. King taught you all, how to handle your disposition with brotherly and sisterly love. You should apologize to America for your imporable behaviors. You should promise to the Nation a compromise . You should always have a mediator reminding you:” What would Dr. Martin Luther King do”. Please never allow this public dishonor again.

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