K. Michelle Regrets Dissing Trey Songz

K. Michelle

K. Michelle and R. Kelly have a long history of making music together. Before her rise to “Love & Hip Hop” fame, Kellz produced many of her songs and because of that she remained loyal to him. Kells alluded to having a romantic relationship with Michelle (that he later denied) in a recent interview with Atlanta 94.5. It struck a cord with Michelle, who admits to ruining relationships with people in his defense. Cue Trey Songz.

“I think it was more hurtful than anything because I’ve been so loyal to him. If anybody would say anything…I’ve messed up relationships even with Trey Songz and everything from defending R. Kelly,” she revealed during an interview at Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI’s “Morning Riot.” Michelle had dissed Songz in a song circa 2010 and the label mates have yet to mend their broken friendship.

“Hopefully me and Trey will be able to talk through it,” she continued. “I know some people have been reaching out for us to really sit down and talking through it, but the relationships in the business that I’ve put on hold for Rob, just having his back, it’s kinda hurtful for him to come at me like that and make up some things that weren’t appropriate. But he did try to correct them.”

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