For its first ever Super Bowl ad, Cheerios is bringing back the interracial family that sparked both a vicious racist backlash, as well as calls of support for the cereal maker.

The original ad last May showed a biracial girl asking her white mom about the heart-health of Cheerios. Inspired by what she hears, the girl runs to her African American dad, who is napping on the couch, and pours the cereal over his chest.

The racial backlash was swift and prompted General Mills to disable the commenting function for the ad on YouTube.  While comments on the commercial remain disabled, the spot has earned almost 75,000 “likes,” compared with only about 3,000 “dislikes.”

Given the controversy, why bring back the family for the biggest advertising event of the year?

“We fell in love with this family,” Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios told CBS MoneyWatch. “We thought the big game provided an opportunity to tell a story about family love.”

The brand had considered several other spots for its Super Bowl foray, but the performance by the little girl in the ad “was so strong, and that was really why we chose it,” she added.

The new spot, called “Gracie,” is already on YouTube and is garnering positive buzz on Twitter, with one commenter writing, “Cheerios nails it,” and another noting, “Good move.”

The new ad has Gracie learning that she’ll soon have a baby brother. She uses the moment to wrangle a puppy out her parents.

14 thoughts on “Cheerios Brings Back Biracial Family for Super Bowl Ad (Watch)

  1. Johnnie Harris on said:

    I PRAY that the world will finely wake up and realized that love has no color! GOD bless you General Mills! Keep up the great work.

  2. Great for Cheerios not allowing racist views to make them back paddle and pull an ad that is harmless. I say show your support of Cheerios by endorsing their products. Show the haters what you REALLY think of their views. Actions speak LOUD. Way to go Cheerios.

  3. CherieKendallofe on said:

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  4. I applaud Cheerios for standing strong for whats morally right,”for it is God who has made us and not we ourselves”!! There is only one Heaven, but Thank God racist people won’t be there, they”ll be burning in the files of Hell!!

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    This was one of the best commercials I had seen ina a while and didnt even consider this was a biracial couple until some people made a big deal out of it. This is nothing new hating on black men. If the script were flipped no one would even say anything, but you know when a Black man is involved it just raises the hair on the back of the necks of certain people. In 1965 ( I know many of you are too young to remember) but you can google ths, Petula Clark who had a monster hit with a song called “Downtown” invited Harry Belafonte on to her TV show and they hald hands while they sung a song together. Well, America had a hissy fit over that. To Kill A Mockingbird, a.k.a 1962 and Guess who’s coming to Dinner, a.k.a 967 were even showed in most movie theaters below the Mason dixon line. I dont believe General Mills is any less prejudice than any other corporation but at least they held their ground. From Obama on down though when broters are involved it was, is and probably always will be. and not just by white men. Black on black crime and women hating men ( especially back men) is just as prevalent. Yes, I said it ’cause its true. Blaming brothers has become the default postion for all our social illls. This is one example of the bigger picture. Now, Ive got to go and eat a bowl of Cheerios!

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