D.L. Hughley is very open about the fact he has cheated on his wife, but after being confronted by an angry caller he might want to bite his tongue. Listen to the audio to hear the caller go in on D.L. about sending the message that cheating is okay. Plus, hear his response once he could finally get a word in!


13 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Confronted For Cheating On His Wife [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Shawn J. on said:

    I don’t think DL is trying to glorify his cheating,he’s just being honest? His reason for cheating or any man/woman’s reason is something they feel is missing in their lives. Even,I think those who regard themselves as “players”.

  2. maadeo222 on said:

    But after yesterday call in to his radio station, which was no April Fools Day joke ,a woman called in order to find out when he is going to start taking care of the child.he fathered with her . If this is true then DL if you’re so unhappy in your marriag find happiness elsewhere and stop hurting your family. May God bless you and your family and give you some smarts so that you can start straightening u

  3. I’m trying to understand why they both stay in the marriage. Apparently, she’s not enough for him and there’s not a woman on the face of this earth who would accept that their husband is
    “openly” cheating… I think it would break a woman’s heart on her dying bed to know that her husband is cheating. Praying for the Hughley family.

  4. La Tashea on said:

    I find it sad if DL glorified cheating on his wife. I don’t understand how this could be respectful to his wife if he keeps reminding everyone that he is a cheater. I guess small minded men need to look elsewhere to find a desperate tramp to boost their ego. Cheating is pathetic. Why get married or pretended to be committed to someone if you are going to cheat on them. Its time these cheating dogs (women/men)grow up. There are too many diseases not to mention ppl have feelings. Wonder if DL would publicize it if his wife had cheated on him? Pathetic.

  5. DL and anyone else who is professing Christ but living like a heathen need to stop publicly bragging about it. Because judgement day is coming. He and all others will have to answer. Completely insane!!!

    • Cheryl on said:

      I have heard him mention many times that he is not a religious man. No conscious it seems and if they do not fear God nothing will stop the cheating. As a spouse what can you threaten them with? Child support? Then what?! Sad but common

  6. I have never had respect for DL and now he is even worse than I thought. There are good men of God who don’t cheat. DL is dead wrong. He thinks his money is everything he will fall from grace and may God have mercy on his lost soul.

  7. He is wrong! It is his fault “some” weak minded people will cheat on their spouses. I don’t agree with DL, Tom Joyner, Jay none of these entertainers that have a platform that joke about being a “player”
    because there are weak minded people in this world that believe what these entertainers are saying makes them more of a “man.” STOP glorifying cheating.

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