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Ladies I know it’s hard to believe men are attracted to more than just looks, but it’s true. Don’t believe us? Well here at “The D.L. Hughley Show” we happen to have proof of this. Click on the links below just to hear how right we are with the 10 things men are attracted to other than looks.

Part 2.

DL:  All right, Jasmine.  Apparently there are ten things men are instantly attracted to other than looks, which his so dumb I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


   DL:  Wash your ass.

9.Eye contact.

    JS:  Yeah, it shows you have self-esteem.

8.A smile

   DL:  It means you brush your teeth.

7.A little attitude.

   JS:  A little hot sauce, yeah, it adds a little spice to it, right?

6.Something to say.

   SW:  You like having a good conversation with a woman.

DL:  All right, Jasmine.  You can continue on with your lies, fallacies and fantasies.


   JS:  Take it how you want to.

4.Being game for anything.

   DL:  Mindy, Heather, Heather, Mindy.

3.A little girly-ness.

   SW:  Yeah, I like girly girls.  Sun dresses.


   DL:  Yes.  Hey, baby.  There’s a DUI checkpoint.  How do we get out of this?

1.Scent of a woman.

   SW:  Oh, yes.

   DL:  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.

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