The battle of the sexes is alive and well.

I was recently involved in a conversation with men and women about an NFL player accused of harassing his girlfriend into getting an abortion.

Most of the men felt that the woman was a gold digger who purposely got pregnant to get Arian Foster’s dough.

The women didn’t doubt that could be part of it, but when we learned she was in college and he’s married, most of us thought he was an insensitive jerk who would probably go to extreme measures to keep her from having a child that would possibly ruin his marriage.  Then someone brought up the Rae Carruth story and suddenly we imagined Foster not only harassing her, but also threatening her life and actually causing her physical harm. If you watch any crime shows on cable TV, you know the story of the popular wide receiver who was convicted for masterminding the death of his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams.

In fact, that was our trump card because no one in their right mind could defend Carruth or bear to imagine another young pregnant woman falling prey to such a horrible and senseless murder.

And then the bombshell headline: “Arian Foster’s Baby’s Mama Lied. “Arian Never Harassed Me About Abortion.’”

Excuse me?

According to audio tape obtained by TMZ, 18-year-old  college student Brittany Norwood blames her lawyer for encouraging her to make the claims that she was being strong-armed into terminating her pregnancy. She even praised Arian saying “I love you and you’re still the father of my child. You think I’m going to let anyone desecrate your name, especially if my baby has Foster tagged on it.”

Even though some people think this “confession” lets either of them off the hook, it really just adds another layer to this dysfunctional relationship.

We don’t know if Brittany loves Arian Foster so much that she’s protecting him or if the whole thing was a lie to begin with.

Here’s the thing. Arian Foster is no different than any other guy who cheats on his wife, gets the woman pregnant and finds himself in a major jam. Oh, but wait, the difference is that when he messes up, TMZ is waiting.

As wrong as Brittany may be for having an affair with a married man, Arian Foster has much more to lose—a wife of two years, a young son and daughter, his reputation and lots of money, too.

You can argue that Brittany wins, but not really. Adrian and his lawyers will make it as difficult as possible for her to get paid. And whatever she gets won’t be enough for her to deal with the rejection she and her child most likely will feel as they watch him publicly play out the rest of his life without them.

This may be one of the best cases for condom usage we’ve seen in a while.

Instead of battling over who’s taking advantage of whom, the conversation between men and women needs to be about moral values and sex education for boys and girls.  And it can’t begin too soon.

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10 thoughts on “Sex, Lies and No Condoms: The Arian Foster Story

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  2. truthHurts on said:

    !!!!!!!Pardon my ‘FRENCH’ but if FUCKING and vetting preggers is their only concern, then someone need to remind these ignorant men and women there are worse things that can happen. My question is how many other men and how many other women have they both screwed without protection. A big child suuport check and a fancy home doesn’t cure AIDS and neither does a big NFL contract. There is obviously, something wrong with the both of them……MENTALLY………cause if he screwed her without a condom he has screwed a hundred more without 1. I feel sorry for these athletes, entertainers, and all those who fall prey to the Bright Lights of stardom.

  3. I am disgusted time and time again, Black men fall prey to white women and the low class black women that they wide up in bed with. Then they cry foul when this happens. They deserve it but no one suffers but the really unwanted children born out of these lustful liasions.

    When will these ballplayers of all sports and movie stars learn. D-Wade, disgusting, Ludacris, disgusting and the list goes on and on.

    Money doesn’t make you smart and that’s obvious with these Fools!!!!!!

  4. This plot is nothing new. The ending is nothing new. I guess the surprise for me was the summary of the author mentioning morals and sex education. Well, sex education is taught, just seldom received. Also, do you assume that neither knew about sex? Or perhaps that our youth are not informed? Or maybe that education leads to prevention? Well, at age 18, this young lady was not messing around with another 18 year old. She had her wits about her. So lets throw education out the window because both of them certainly did! Moving on to morals, well….what about them. the article failed to mention what aspect or morals should be taught.Again, I think they knew morals.Those went out the window as well. So what’s left?

    ….another “sensational” tabloid story.

  5. She knew already he was married when they got Back together Again and she’s still in the picture. They both are dogs and deserves whatever come forth. She’s not that innocent.

  6. It’s kinda confusing to still see men so P*****whipped and women so craving attention and affection. I’m not a man, so I KNOW I don’t understand what men are seeking from a mistress. She provided him something. I’ve heard a number of excuses from admitted cheaters but I really hope one day people toughen up and work through issues with the ones they truly love. No matter how long it takes. I guess, SEX is to a man what eating is to some women…just an emotional need or must have to feel better in the moment…just like men can’t understand when women eat all the time and women can’t understand when men want sex all the time….hmmmm…@Peace.

  7. This married guy didn’t wear a condom and he didn’t care about his family or the welfare of his wife. There are only a few scenarios that could have happened. 1.) Pregnancy 2.) STD 3.) Dodged a bullet and not #1 or #2.

    Unfortunately, he took #1 for 18 years, Alex.

  8. I said it. on said:

    Having a baby by an athlete, or other type of entertainer should not be heralded as the best thing that could happen to a female. Usually it is represented as such…until the guy is no longer playing, has less child support to offer, or moves on with someone else. Then, he’s horrible and the woman is a victim.

    I propose that entertainers and athletes are like everyone else and that females have much more going for themselves.

    Both of them lack class in the situation. He cheated on his wife and she’s all over social media promoting the fact that THEY disrespected his wife and kids. Neither are without blame and should fade off quietly into the night. The ones that are innocent inthis situation stay with him. Everything else should be charged to “The Game.” Pun intended.

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