There will be many events celebrating the life of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., but this one, to be held in Flint, Michigan, seems to have crossed the line.

The organization, Mid-Michigan Teen Parties, is hosting the “Freedom 2 Twerk” party this coming weekend. The image of King on the flyer, donning a gold chain and sagging jeans, is clearly trying to attract a young crowd.

What do you think? Did the event hosts go too far on this one?

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35 thoughts on “Group Uses Appalling Image of MLK on Flyer

  1. I respect the memory of MLK and all of the civil rights leaders, big and small, who risked their legacy and very lives for their community, many of whom have raised or even themselves ungrateful of the powerful sacrifices made on their behalf.

    With that said, I can not stop laughing and I could care less. That flyer will be thrown in the garbage and forgotten by Tuesday afternoon. Actually it fills me with pride that someone in the hood is actually doing good photoshop work, and this might be the best thing to happen to him/her since the recession!

    No one flipped out when some kid drew a comic book of George Washington and Ben Franklin smoking weed…whoops that was a fact

  2. Cassie on said:

    Quote: Everyone is mad at Flint because of this flyer but nobody seemed to care about the Boondocks having Martin Luther King Jr on their show cussing and acting a fool. Let it go. It is nothing but a picture. Flint is right. Because of MLK they have the freedom to do this.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      Nicca you need to be slapped. It’s not just a picture, it is the mindset of that generation. Now known as the Rachael Jeantel generation. Booze, weed, Ebonics, disrespect, laziness, and acting the hood rat Nicca.
      Get to steppin fool fore’ I really lay you out.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

  3. Jiggy5 on said:

    Weze just Nicca’s being Nicca’s. want some drink and sum more smoke. Lawd help me for party on Sunday. He’ll Naw Mr. Ass Hoe.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  4. is it me, or has anyone else noticed that black men dont seem to know what to do with their hands when they take a picture. so they usually throw up a few fingers (like in the flyer above) or make some odd hand gesture?

  5. Rowanna Logan on said:

    We here in flint are not happy about the ignorance of some. People that live in our city. We as citizens of this city that know our history are almost angry to a point. Its a disgrace to have one of our leaders on a club flyer for such a ugly event. Not a book reading, not a poetry sessions, a play or a music event. But a event for a tweaking session the most highly disrespectful dance that’s ever been performed. Come on people. Get back to the books learn your history and do better. Just not in flint but every where. Please people teach your children their history cause its a lot they dont know just by this display of ignorance. I hope that the man that rented this place for this event did what he said and cancelled .

  6. This is shameful,just right out disrespect, if Flint mich. Lets this event be held it will just show how they feel about King,about growth and how little respect they have for women, Freedom to twerk,should be freedom to work and have a better living. I hope the King family sue the city.

    • @CJones It should not be about suing the city, it’s about suing the promoters of the event, then civil suit against the artist himself. Not just disrespectful, but disgraceful. @sharese Johnson- ignore him, if he doesn’t know how to use punctuation how could you expect him to form a sentence? @huskerstock – the correct word you are looking for is “parody”.

      Parody is typically used in the context of comedy, not in advertising. When you attempt to use parody in advertising it usually a case of libel, and can get sued. Generally courts have educated judges and attorneys that know the guidelines of when likeness, words, or names can be used in parody. So this is clearly a violation of those guidelines, and not a suppression of ‘Free Speech’ which is an individual right, not a company’s, or corporate entity.

      Note: definition of a scholar, for those that didn’t know”a specialist in a particular branch of study, esp. the humanities; a distinguished academic.” > Not included in G.E.D. studies, or prison education

  7. What’s wrong with black people today???? why is there no self worth or self respect for yourselves??? Stop this type of behavior, please,please,please stop showing the world how much you hate yourselves! Stop clinging to reality tv,professional sports players with multiple children by multiple sidepieces,Beyonce,Nene Leakes and Rap music!!!! Haven’t you been embarrassed enough???? Take back your pride, stop presenting yourselves as ANIMALS!!!!!!!!! This is soooooooooo Heartbreaking!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jiggy5 on said:

    This is the Renisha McBride generation. No respect, no education, no value for life. They learned it somewhere Peeps, look around.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  9. Martin Luther King would definitely have condemned the whole culture of money and bling, and most likely frowned on twerking as well. He was about decency and respect. I think it’s definitely in bad taste portraying this man in that way. I grew up and was active in the Civil Rights movement … and they preached respect. I say please show Dr. King some. Pick Lil Wayne, or one of the rappers for that flyer … not King.

  10. this is not the dream Dr. King ment.We need to celebrate where we came from and give thanks for their fight. I live in flint, Mi. We have enough to hang our heads for. Can we find some of the things that are positive about our city.

  11. I was raised in Flint, but this is not where I am from, and it’s so out right disrespectful to honor a great man such as Dr. King who fought and died for equality for our people and this is how he is repaid. How can we expect other races to respect us when we don’t even respect ourselves. The very people who made this flyer needs to be educated on who this amazing man was. He’s more than a holiday.

  12. We have ignorant folks all over, it’s always something with them, every yr. we get these low down dirty scum bags who have nothing else to do but hate & just make fun so people don’t stoop to their level, we always look for them to do something stupid all the time just ignore these haters, they do PBO the same way so it’s nothing new, but we stand strong & just let these uneducated fools from Michigan do what they do best degrade themselves for it doesn’t bother us anymore, don’t let them use us for their stupidity to get us all upset-we know better.

    • sharese Johnson on said:

      Whoa James!!! I’m from Flint, MI and currently reside there. Everyone that I know is outraged by the flyer, a friend of mine actually called the owner of the club to complain and have the party cancelled. So I take offense to your comment about “Look where they’re from”. My city has its problems no doubt, but one thing we have as a whole, is our pride. A few ignorant people are not a reflection of every resident or the city. Maybe you can do some real research about or city and get a better/real understanding about us. Have a blessed year

      • Yep, ignorance is everywhere – The correct term is YOU’RE, which is a contraction of “You Are”.
        Your is possessive as in: your shirt, your school, your education…

        The three dots are called an ellipsis (Google it)

  13. Jiggy5 on said:

    A complete ignorance of the hard fought gains of the Civil Rights Era. Creativity? Get to steppin’ Nicca, damm you piss me off.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

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