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I never thought I would need help since I have always worked hard and provided for myself and others.  However, I was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,) a serious, progressive lung disease that has made breathing very difficult.  In my case I have both chronic bronchitis and emphysema, along with asthma, silent acid reflux and severe allergies.

Tom, I am a therapeutic massage therapist and I love my work relieving others of their pain.  Before my breathing worsened, I would see four to five clients a day— now, if I’m lucky I can see one or two before my oxygen levels drop and exhaustion overtakes me.   This has deeply affected my income, as well as my quality of life.  I do have an oxygen tank through my husband’s VA insurance, however, it is cumbersome and the long hose that leads to my nostrils gets tangled up on everything.

It is my Christmas wish to ask for a portable oxygen delivery system called the Inogen One g3 Oxygen Concentrator. this piece of equipment will help restore my freedom, mobility and independence because it is light enough to carry with one hand in a back pack and sustains a long battery life, meaning that  I will never again have to worry about changing tanks or running out of oxygen when I leave the house.  I cannot afford it, so if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.