What treats cholesterol?

I love Sytrinol as a supplement and stop eating processed foods that are starchy or contain sugar.  Also reduce the amount of fatty meats by eating leaner cuts.  Also, take a fish oil supplement daily.

What can be used for weight loss?

I LOVE Phase 2 (starch blocker/carb controller) and green Tea.

Is there a natural treatment for sinus problems?

Eliminate Dairy and start using a neti pot with sterilized salt and purified water 2-4 times daily.

What is the best herbal for gas or being bloated?

Digestive enzymes with each meal, dandelion root, avoid processed foods!!

I have been diagnosed with schleroderma with overlapping lupus symptoms and fibromyalgia! Between my muscles and joint pain and fatigue it can be quite frustrating and expensive! Help please!

There is a ton going on here. Autoimmune health issues are difficult naturally.  For the pain, I would use Celadrin both orally and topically and add in Perluxan too.  Prayers coming your way!!!

What can I take naturally for pain from RSD/CAPS dealing with pain 24/7 for the last 14 years from an injury.

Address the root of the pain with a good trainer and I used and still do use Perluxan, Celadrin and Turmeric as part of my healing process from an injury to my knee in July.

What is a natural supplement to treat obesity by curbing appetite?

First, obesity usually has an underlying emotional issue that should be addressed through counseling.  Supplements like Phase 2 and Green Tea can be helpful with cravings and weight loss efforts.

What’s good for repeated urinary tract infections?


Natural remedy for hot flashes & night sweats. I have no ovaries.

I have friends and family use Oona (trade name product)

What can i do to get treat hot flashes?

I usually recommend Oona (trade name product)

What can be used for weight loss?

I always recommend Phase 2 for those who have issues with starchy food (breads, pasta, rice and potatoes) and Green Tea.

What can I take for appetite suppression?

I love Green Tea and Phase 2.

What herb to use for ovarian cyst pain?

Hmmm.  Tough one…I would use Perluxan and address the cysts directly with counseling.  That may sound crazy, but often there are underlying emotional issues (usually sexual) that are linked back to ovarian issues.  Also, consider detoxifying your body with a tea (I use) Flor Essence.

What do you suggest for Sinus Migraines and congestion?

Stop all dairy and use a neti pot 2-4 times daily.

What is a natural cure for female hair loss, alopecia? My hair is falling out at the present moment.

That is a tough one. There really aren’t a ton of things I can recommend other than a Hair/Skin/Nail vitamin.  Yes, they are usually all in the same bottle.  Also,  if stress is the underlying cause or thyroid, then addressing those issues will be the key.

Good morning. What’s the best natural remedy for pain and inflammation due to knee  arthritis? This bone chilling weather has had me in agony. Thank you.

I use Celadrin and Perluxan  (IbuActin) for this type of issue.


Hair vitamin and milk thistle for the hair issue.

HRT: I do not recommend HRT but can support the symptoms with Oona

What about a natural relief for Peri-menopause???


What herb do you take to replace Viagra ?


What are natural pain remedies ?

I use Celadrin, Perluxan and Turmeric.

Is there anything natural that can help elevate ferrous sulfate and iron levels? Also, to fight leukemia?

For the iron issue: Avoid iron in your supplements.  For leukemia, If I had the condition, I would be taking: Maitake D-fraction, Chaga and drinking Flor Essence tea.

What can you do for or prevent high blood pressure?

Stay in a normal weight range, avoid sodium (salt), eat only whole foods, decrease stress, get at least 30 minutes of exercise and take fish oil daily

Migraines…I get Migraines that last for 3 days. Normally around my cycle. Anything I can do besides taking meds?

Look into food allergies/sensitivities, herbs like dong quai to support hormones, milk thistle to support the liver and perhaps feverfew for the migraine part of it when they occur

What is the herbal equivalent to Pristique? My daughter needs it and since becoming unemployed, I can’t afford to buy it for her.

There really aren’t equivalents in natural medicine…sorry.  More counseling is a good start and I always lean on the LORD for my anxious and depressed moments of life. Prayer works.

What do you do for migraines?

Look at what the root cause is first.  There are many possible reasons people develop migraines: food allergies/sensitivities, stress, hormones, etc.  Feverfew or Butterbur are at the top of my list to try in the meantime.

Are there any remedies for viruses such as hiv/aids, hsv, etc?

I find there is a lot of research about it but nothing to fully back it… also is there a remedy for sore throat and colds I love using herbs such as Maitake D-fraction or Wellmune to support a healthy immune system.  Also, avoid sugar and starchy foods (pasta, breads, rice and potatoes) all the time!!

Dr, what’s a natural way to regain your testosterone? I have low testosterone.

I use DHEA

What can you do for low edt and to quit smoking?

Not sure what edt is.  Stop smoking by changing habits first and using herbs that address the nicotine addiction like lobelia.  Lobelia extract (liquid) can be used at times of cravings by placing 3-5 drops on the tongue each time you desire to smoke.  Also, address any stress related issue or triggers with counseling and herbs such as reshi, holy basil and valerian root.

My fathers legs are extremely swollen. He is 87 years old. He went from 160 lbs to 180 lbs. Is there anything naturally he could take to bring down the swelling in his legs.

First, seek medical attention.  Second, I have used herbs such as horse-chestnut to help with lower extremity edema.  Please consult a physician first because it could be something much more serious.

Morning. Is there a natural herb for a pinched nerve? Thank you.

Pinched nerve can be cause by many things. I would look into message, chiropractors and herb to relieve muscle tension such as celadrin (topically) and Perluxan for the pain/inflammation

What can you take for lupus?

This takes more than a quick answer via email.  Sorry

How can I get relief from hot flashes?

I recommend Oona to my friends and family.

What can I do for knee pain and rheumatism ?

I would use Celadrin by mouth and topical cream and Perluxan.  Lose weight if you are overweight.

What Herbs are recommended for knee pain? I am going to a chiropractor and still having pain.

Celadrin by mouth and topically and Perluxan (I use IbuActin)

What are the herbal remedies for: migraine headaches, hot flashes and for weight loss?

Read the above answers for this one:

Morning, what’s good for testosterone or erectile dysfunction??

Testosterone: I use DHEA.

ED: depends on the root cause.  For most men it is either being overweight, over-stressed or poor circulation from blood pressure or sugar problems.  Address these individually…no clear cut answer…sorry

Hello my husband and I have are in the military and we have bad joint pain and blood circulation. What herbs can you recommend for these problems?

Joint pain: Celadrin, Turmeric and Perluxan.

Poor circulation: Pycnogenol

I have heal spur how can i stop the pain?

Topical Celadrin will help, but address the spur too.  I love a product called Acid-A-Cal for spurs.

Dr. David, I would also like some treatment information for central centrifugal alopecia for myself and my aunt.

Not much I can do here.

Is there any herb for hyper thyroid?


How could I reduce itching from psoriasis and is there a natural way to calm my son with his adhd?

Psoriasis: Be tested for food sensitivities. Usually gluten is the root food.

ADHD: Dont’ let him eat junk foods or processed foods. A whole food (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and meats) diet is key.  Also, no video or TV after school and an hour before bedtime.

How do you treat a boil near the vaginal area?

Look into detoxifying the body daily by drinking Flor Essence tea.

What are natural remedies that can be used for Stage 4 prostate cancer, moderate Alzheimer’s, Shrinking uterine fibroids and weight loss?

Prostate: Flor Essence tea and Maitake D-fraction

Alzheimer’s: Lions Mane

Fibroids: Fasting 1 day per week and taking omega-3s from fish, flax and chia

Weight: Phase 2 and green tea.

Hello. I have BPH and as a result I often get UTI cause I’m not emptying my bladder. Is there anything I can do ? I’m not taking flomax I’m too young for that.

For the uti “prevention” i love Cran-Max.  BPH I love Prostate 5-LX.

What is the natural to stop lower back pain, sinus headache migraine headaches?

Back pain: Look into bladder or bowel issues (IBS, Constipation, diarrhea) and in the meantime I love using passion flower daily and at bedtime to relax the muscles and take Celadrin and Perluxan to help with inflammation.

Sinus Migraines: See above

What natural herb can you use for protruding disc pan aka back pain?

Protruding disc….seek medical help. As for back pain in general, see above.

What is a natural remedy to use as an expectorant? Water is the best.

Prostrate cancer.

I would use Prostate 5-LX, Flor Essence tea, Maitake d-fraction and avoid all processed/starchy foods and sugar completely.

My ailments are lupus, sarcoidosis, sjogrens syndrome, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. What natural steps can I take?                                                                                                                                                                                         You have a ton going on and this is not the place to help.  Check out http://www.naturopathic.org to find someone locally to help.  GOD bless and sorry I couldn’t be of more help here.

I’m 41, I’ve had Meniscus surgery on my left knee, but my doctor told me I have advanced arthritis, ie. No cartilage under both kneecaps. What do you recommend?

Glucosamine Sulfate 1500mg per day, Celadrin and perluxan daily and look into eating more greens either in your diet or as a supplement (powder)

Please provide herbal remedies for hyperthyroid and eczema. Thanks

Hypothyroid: None

Eczema: Most are caused by food sensitivities (usually gluten). Eliminate the root food group and it usually goes away.  In the meantime, taking Evening primrose oil can be helpful in a few months time.

Regarding what can be done for male type 2 diabetic who is not obese (6’1 210 lbs).

Chromium 200-600mcg per day, Garcinia 2-4 times per day is a good start.  Also, get more exercise to burn sugar and avoid starchy (pasta, bread, rice and potatoes) and sugar containing foods.

My 17-year-old son has been diagnosed with ADHD what natural herbs are available that work?

See above:

Is there any herbal treatment for alopecia Ararat?

Not really

What herbs would you recommend to treat acne ?

Fish oil and a tea called Flor Essence

Looking for Prostrate herb.

Prostate 5-LX

What are the 3 herbs for pain? Turmeric, Celadrin and Perluxan

How can I reduce the kidney stones I’ve developed last year? And prevent from getting them in the future. Had them since early 20s with.

Depends on what type of stone…sorry

I suffer from severe migraines. I’ve taken all the necessary tests, but they’re unable to find out what is wrong. At this point, we’re just going with managing the pain. Is there a natural herb or herbs I can use, instead of the medications. Can’t think of generic name (Fioriset), Gabapentin, and Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril).

Look into the root cause: See above for more details on migraines.

What will help treat psoriasis naturally?

Look into food sensitivity testing (blood test called E.L.I.S.A) Eliminating the food group will usually do the trick.  Also taking Evening primrose oil helps too.

Is there anything natural I could give to my 7 year old son who was found to be ADHA/ADD?

See ADHD answers above

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